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How to choose an electric candle lighter usb?

1. Electric lighter kitchen is a built-in non-removable polymer lithium battery. If you want to have a long life and good quality rechargeable long lighter, you need to choose electric candle lighter usb with a large capacity battery , such as 230MAH battery, a single charge can ignite 150 ~160 times. The most commonly used batteries in the market are 170 to 180MAH batteries, which can be used 100 to 120 times on a single charge. The Electric lighter kitchen can be used for about 2 to 3 years. The battery is dead, and the lighter won't work.

2. The core part of the arc lighter is the arc igniter, high quality arc igniter, arc more larger, stronger, and long service life. Therefore, we should choose to use the arc igniter produced by the powerful arc igniter manufacturer, which can improve the service life of the entire arc lighter. Here I recommend TW arc igniter, which can be purchased here:

3. What is the voltage and current required by the arc igniter? When using switching appliances to disconnect the current, if the circuit voltage is not less than 10-20 volts, current is not less than 80~100mA, electrical contacts will produce an arc. The arc lighter has double arc and single arc. The ignition effect of double arc is higher than the ignition efficiency of single arc. At present, double arc barbecue lighters are being developed and researched on the market and will soon be available for sale. In the future, it would be better to choose a double arc lighter.

4. The other is the selection of the appearance, there are metal, plastic, a variety of different shapes, these can be selected according to their own preferences, these will not affect the functional use of rechargeable lighter for bbq.

The basic working principle of an electronic lighter is:

A piezoelectric block (crystal structure) is connected at one end to a thin wire, which forms a gap with the metal material at the lighter's air outlet. A mechanical mechanism synchronizes the impact of the block with the opening of the air source.

When the impact block hits the other end of the piezoelectric block with a certain impact energy or force, the internal molecules of the piezoelectric material will vibrate strongly and transfer the vibrational energy to the wire. Because the cross-sectional area of the wire is very different from that of the piezoelectric material block, the vibration of the molecules in the wire has a great tendency to strengthen.

How to choose an electric candle lighter usb?

Created on:2022-08-03 15:41

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