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Lighting a candle is no big deal, right? You just touch the wick to a flame and voila! However, if your candle is in a jar, it could get a little tricky after the candle burns down a little, especially if your hand doesn't fit in the mouth of the jar.How to Fix this problem?

1.Use a normal Disposable Lighter or plasma lighter usb

To light the candle with a normal Disposable lighter or USB lighter rechargeable, turn the candle completely upside down. Light the lighter right under the candle so the flame from the lighter goes directly upwards to the candle wick. But don't do this for more than 10-15 seconds because you don't want to have wax dripping on your hand.

2.Use a normal match.

Hold the match on the tips of your finger to make sure it can go down deep into the candle.But don’t try to do this,because it’s easy to hurt your hand.

3.Use a paper

Light a piece of paper first, then stretch the paper to the bottom of the bottle to light the candle.But we don’t recommend try this method.It’s not safe enough.


Maybe we can choose a flexible BBQ lighter,it’s safe and cheap.A electronic BBQ lighter is like a normal lighter but is longer to be able to light a fire at a safe length.

1.The Candle Lighter Rechargeable head is 360 flexible bent, which can protect your hands from being burned and keep a safe distance between your hands and the flame.10 seconds automatically shut off feature ensures a long lifespan for energy saving.The product has a lamp on its head. Even if there is a power failure, it can easily light candles in the dark.

2.Battery indicator--Accurate display of product power,use (it) without hesitation.

3.It is very convenient to charge the lighter by USB. When charging, the LED light will turn blue, when fully charged the light will be always on. And it is also easy to carry along.It can be charged anytime and anywhere. Even if you go camping, you can take it with you.It’s very small,can put in your pocket.

4.This Candle Lighter Rechargeable has a 200mAh built-in Li-ion battery, it can be used up to 600 seconds (200 times x 3 sec ) per charge.Can work continuously for 40-45 times.Suitable for lighting candle, solid alcohol, cigarette, incense, gas stove, wood wool and etc.

5.The lighting time of the LED lamp is more than 4 hours, and the LED lamp will turn off automatically after 15 minutes to prevent forgetting to turn off the power supply

We also have many other styles of lighting candles. Please feel free to contact us. welcome to China, there are many delicious and interesting things here. welcome to our factory. Let's cooperate together,enjoy the beautiful scenery, taste delicious food.

How to light a candle if the wick is too far down in the glass jar?

Created on:2022-08-05 13:46

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