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15-year-old girl night are bound on the tricycle stuns rescue - mianyang bus driver Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
On 25 July afternoon, mianyang bus group five terminal driver driving Lai Ning 46 a little trouble with the bus, he will drive to the bus in high water group the garage for repair. Lai Ning's left arm and a hint of bruises, 'this is the night to save, made in steel pipe by criminals. 'This will give top priority to the safety of drivers, in some time ago on my way home through a kidnapping, fight with criminals and its control, while the arm a little injury, but the kidnapped girl successfully rescued. 'At that time, saw a traffic accident, which is a kidnapping. 'Lai Ning said. In accident 'meddling' bus driver's uniform perpetrators on July 7, at 11 when 20 points, the sky of the heavy rain, mianyang 46 bus driver Lai Ning shift at home. Lai Ning cycling through mianyang normal school near the north gate, saw a electric tricycle parked by the side of the road. He walked to the edge of the electric tricycle, heard a woman faint cries for help, looking back, with a Shared bicycle electric tricycle side down. Aware of the traffic accident, but didn't see the injured, 'is riding a tricycle ran after hit people? 'Lai yongbyon thought, walk beside a tricycle, at this point, the gaps tricycle to come out a long-haired man. 'Are you an accident? The man hit? 'Lai Ning loudly query long-haired man. Then he opened the electric tricycle tarpaulins, ready to have a look at what happens inside. Long hair man pulled out a piece of steel pipe from the car and went towards Lai Ning. Saw steel pipe up to, Lai Ning blocked go lifted his left hand. 'Instinct, was left arm parts. 'Said Lai Ning, at that time, feel pain to the bone, to wield pole to hit each other again. Even got two sticks Lai Ning endure pain, with the right hand of the umbrella to the shooter, seize the long-haired man's hair and injured his left hand. Let Lai Ning didn't expect is that the other party wore a head, the hair was pulled away, showing a bald head. 'I realized that met the gunman, must first put his uniform. 'Said Lai Ning, the other is prepared, there must be some hidden secret, so he never leave room for manoeuvre, electric batons, direct blunt go up and fight. After a few minutes of struggle, success will Lai Ning man uniform. After hearing the call of the masses across the district, immediately rushed to the scene to help. The car found tied the hostage man suspected of robbery has been arrest Lai Ning pressure baldheaded man has not let go, to see to the masses, then let it open electric tricycle tarpaulins, 'electric tricycle has a wounded woman, quick report to the police. 'He told the crowd shouted. Crowd lifted tarpaulins to see, the car has a girl hand and neck tied to live, due to the binding time is too long, the girl has been in a coma for the past. Police rushed to the scene after the district police station, from the electric tricycle ferret out an electric batons, police then men driving back to the survey. Denotation, men swam a, fairy area, for girls abducted and confessed to robbing. 'If the person is used electric batons, maybe I and can't be easily to be uniform. 'Lai Ning said. The reporter understands from the district police station, the kidnapped girl this year 15 years old, work in mianyang city. In the evening after work, girl Shared bike home, don't want to meet. At present, criminal suspects Lou a has been arrest on suspicion of robbery. Ali 5000 yuan every day positive energy reward bus driver Lai Ning mianyang bus driver Lai Ning detecting kidnappings and successfully saved tied together girl, its good behavior is very moving. Alibaba is energy joint cover news everyday rewards Lai Ning justice driver 5000 yuan positive energy. The word wrote: the night street, a few do not smell a cry, cause his attention; Eagerly asked, but don't want to be a piece of steel pipe right against the face up to. No retreat, but brave against criminals, even if injured, is still very reluctantly to be uniform. XiaGanYiDan, discouraging vices, rescue kidnapped girl, save a family; Blood zeal, Lin biao, if everyone can be so, wangbu be broken! Alibaba is energy joint cover news everyday rewards Lai Ning justice driver 5000 yuan positive energy. Let us thank the goodwill, also a starting point to assist brave stand up! Zhou Ting sunseeker Song Jiahui WCC daily - Cover news reporter Zhou Hongpan
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