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2 male one female street waving the watermelon dao and bar! - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
Recently, the tongliao city public security bureau in horqin district public security bureau patrol police brigade cruise control squadron two groups on patrol to a commercial building, found two men and one woman street is what hand waving. Patrol policemen from two groups then to be near the 3 people, found that women's hands is a bar is held by the right light pole to knock, and held by the hands of a man turns out to be a watermelon dao, about 60 cm long, cut down the street trees. For 3 hands holding knives and bar, to avoid the scene out of control accident, patrol patrol two groups immediately call the day a group of support, and three groups in order not to let the three people's behavior frightened and damage to the passing crowd, two groups of three patrol police after prepare for emergency response and good inspection instruments, electric batons, first step out of the car to cross-examine three are armed street youth control. Police after you get off on the man's hand tool collection, but the man in the face of police are interrogating refuse to ask, also make a shoulder to police, flap, etc, and refused to cooperate, make resistance behavior of police inspection in accordance with the law, and the increase of the two groups of police arrived at the scene, two men and one woman for the compulsory measures to control, and 3 will be transferred to the district police station. Cases are dealt with in the further.
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