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2019 Tianwang Company Annual Meeting Sucessfully Held!

2019 Tianwang Company Annual Meeting Sucessfully Held!


Time flies, and the new year 2020 comes quietly. Jiangsu Tianwang Solar Technology Ltd has always been committed to creating a hard-working, happy-life manufacturer of stun gun, high-pressure generator, and electronic lighters. On December 31, 2019, our annual meeting was successfully held at Jingjiang Riverside Garden Hotel.

Firstly, a video showing the 5000-year history of China opened the prelude to the annual meeting. From the Xia Dynasty to the founding of China, a piece of history is displayed in front of us. With exciting music, we can see everyone's presence here. All of them show a proud look. We understand that it is the choice of history that has made us today, and the hard work of history that allows us to plan a better future. "Yesterday, today, tomorrow" This is the theme of our annual meeting in 2019. Yesterday-we are fighting, today-we are witnessing, tomorrow-we will be better.

After that, there was an opening dance "Romantic Sakura" with the participation of friends from various departments, lively songs, brisk dance steps, and the atmosphere instantly ignited. After the dance, the host announced that the annual meeting officially started! 

Then, Mr. Fan Gongda, the general manager of the company, gave a speech. We adhered to the core values of "loyalty, integrity, diligence, and enterprising" and motivate the manufacturing industry to serve the country and realize the value of employees' lives.

It is Mr. Fan who has led us for 30 years. From the beginning, Tianwang only had three "employees" and now more than one hundred people have gathered together. The continuous applause proclaims our deep respect to Mr. Fan.

After the applause, Miss Guan from Foreign Trade Sales Department dragged her beautiful dress and sang a song "yesterday once more". The melody and lyrics of this old Carpenter's classic song deeply bring into the theme of today's annual meeting. The music is beautiful and the lady is more beautiful.

The next is "The Wonderful Big Cocktail Show" performed by the high voltage generator workshop. The heroine, the dignified young lady, the hero from a distant country, and the funny sumo wrestler made the audience laugh. After that, there was a dance show. The dance "I am waiting for you in 2020" organized by the boss, we will still gather together in 2020! The dance of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, "jumping sugar", cute and vigorous, young and energetic dance, this is what our Tianwang looks like!

A leisu

rely piano sounded, calming everyone's hearts. Who could have thought that this piano song came from the fingertips of a twelve-year-old girl, and the deep male voice rang out immediately. It was the cooperation of the daughter of the director of the high voltage package and Miao Yuan, a glue-filling workshop, to recite "Youth is strong, China is strong."

The following show is the solo dance "White City Under the Castle of Qingcheng". Gentle dance, enchanting posture, one's dance requires great courage. Rehearsing again and again can make her dance so successful and attractive!

This is followed by a short story "Dating Blinds", which is performed by partners of Mosquito Swatter Workshop, Finished Product Workshop, and Technology Department. Although it is a funny show, each story has its meaning. Let us cherish the present and grasp the future.

In the end, our director brought four beautiful women in show-ho clothes to play. The red figure represents the prosperity of the new year. Five people performed a hot dance       "Eye Dance". Sweating confirmed the efforts and success of all the people present.

Don't think that the annual meeting will end like this, there are still dozens of gifts that have not been distributed. Lotteries and games are incessant. Everyone has the opportunity to play and receive prizes. Everyone is very positive. Everyone is very positive, and tonight will be a night full of happiness!

Although the total length of the annual meeting is only two hours, everyone's rehearsal, planning, and modification prepared for a full two months. It was the efforts that made you on the stage now. As the annual meeting closed, people chorused "Tomorrow Will Be Better". Thanks again to all the employees of Tianwang for their active participation and solidarity. I believe that as long as we unite our hearts, we will have a better future!

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