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240v 12v transformer power supplies explained

by:Tianwang     2020-06-11
12v power supply is one of the most common power supply types for consumer electronics that require external power supply.
Logically, if you have a supply voltage of 240v and you need a 12v supply, a 12v transformer of 240v (
Because they are sometimes called)
Maybe involved.
If you want a transformer in particular, I think you are either looking for a lighting transformer or someone who is involved in electronics.
Most people, however, are really looking for a 12v power supply.
This is also known as a 12v adapter, but the same is true.
No matter what power you are trying to give it, you need to know the exact power demand for it.
This includes knowing what voltage it needs and how much current it consumes (
If there is a special consideration for the polarity of the power input.
If the device needs DC voltage, the last one is related
In this case, the internal circuit is very sensitive to the polarity of the voltage.
If an AC voltage is specified, this simply refers to the presence of a circuit within the device and not in an external power supply that will communicate to DC.
In principle, the ac plug can be inserted in any way you want, but the presence of a ground plug in the plug often prevents this.
Two electric razors
The pin power outlet directly connected to the supply voltage has a power plug without polarity.
Other things to consider before buying a 240v 12v transformer include fuses, etc.
The device you want to supply power can prevent overload by means of an internal fuse.
This can sometimes be accessed from the back of the case, but usually you have to turn it on to see the fuse.
Thankfully, most electronic manufacturers will inform you of any fuses in the labels or user manuals on the device.
If there is no fuse (one usually is)
, You can get a 12v adapter with a built-in fuse.
The 240v to 12v DC transformer usually includes fuses in addition to the rectifier circuit, preferably somewhere in the chain.
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