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3 years old 'empty nest Eva' killed in flames often play with lighters at home alone

by:Tianwang     2020-07-22
Cover, cangshan district,
when xu yesterday, city hills after sitting village Lin Zhu natural villages, a rental house fire, old boy died alone at home fire.
houses near the pile of scrap neighbors feared that a fire
reporters came to the scene, a s, dress in orange sanitation men to barking furiously, within the fire, and opens red-hot ruins and the child's birth, howling mood nearly out of control, the blackwater a shuddering nearly fell on the ground. Five or six fire fighters will he away from the fire.
fire is a crude brick houses, with all round the other houses across a narrow alley. The alley was filled with plastic scrap, waste paper, foam and other waste garbage, have been burnt black charcoal. Can cook blackened layer brick building. Fire officers and soldiers are searching for the boy to room, corner, even trash dump. But several search turned up nothing.
'for these waste garbage, and I don't know how many times they are noisy, is worried about fire. 'Fire houses next door to the landlord of the house party, says ms fire in the houses rented a few people, most of them do workers in nearby, rent here for several years.
the boy often alone at home a few times and lighter with
the child's uncle, all of them are from anhui huainan people, to save the rent, also in order to have a look after each other, common family live here, including a child. Which is his children, and one is the son of his brother-in-law, the youngest, years old this year. It was the son of his brother-in-law.
'children play a few times to take lighter, I found, was a few back. But then see lighter will still to play. 'The boy's uncle said, don't know if children play with lighters caused the fire. 'Adults to work outside, my child age is greater than he, and went to the play. Fire, he stayed at home a, peacetime seldom to go outside to play. 'The boy's uncle said, if the fire inside the child was found, it can't think of, children run where to play, after all is so small.
the villagers speculation, and the child to see the room after the fire, will frighten run away, did not dare to go home. However, the two or three hours later, still have no news about children. 'The boy was at home at ordinary times, are unlikely to be a person go out to play. 'The neighbor is introduced.
after the incident, local police rushed to the scene investigation. Press time last night, after a couple of times a careful search, people in a room on the second floor, found the child in a pile of scrap, unfortunately, the child have died. ( Our correspondent Gavin zhang)
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