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4 years old children alone at home playing lighter carelessly to burn the whole family

by:Tianwang     2020-07-22

zhuzhou evening (February 2nd Reporter xie jiao correspondent zhang hao) Residents in lotus pond area red flag group Yang Bo still very regret now, wish they didn't take care of their children, dotted around in the afternoon, February 2nd Yang Bo old daughter (in peace Not his real name) One person alone at home, bored playing lighters, carelessly, lit the wardrobe in the home, a fire, Yang Bojia possessions were all burnt into ashes.
the fire quickly spread to the fire arrived, the fire has all throughout the house corner, according to conservative estimates, Yang Bojia loss of nearly ten thousand yuan. Is
Yang Bo turn city farmers, usually by odd jobs and his wife in poor health, originally is poor. Which raise money from the house of maintenance, Yang Bo.
after heard his family's difficult situation, the red flag community in number, these two days, organized the compassion donation, director of community Shen Yijun said, neighbors around is a warm-hearted man, regardless of relationship at ordinary times, many residents have expressed their love, the whole community donations were more residents to participate in and love of raising the meta. Yesterday afternoon, the love of all have been sent to the Yang Bo home.
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