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5 electric lamp is not lit up, but I do not know the reason why where is - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
Electric lamp is not lit up, but I do not know what is reason ( 1) Starter with a fluorescent lamp, a town of 2113, lamp holder, the starter inverter, tubes and other components, any one of these components damage or poor contact, all 5261 will cause not bright, in addition, even if the component is normal, because of the low voltage, low air temperature 4102 reasons can cause light not on 1653, now this component has been basically high tide. Suggest you to replace with electronic ballast, starter components in a less so, lamp holder is one of the rights, and is not affected by voltage, temperature, 2) Take the chimney down to look at, is likely to be the bulb is burnt out, change a light tube and have a look. ( 3) If contact is not good. With electric torch will kill? ( 1) More often than not, high pressure of high electric voltage, easy to hurt people, but the current is very small, generally does not directly electricity dead. But few people on the basis of different system and health, but also could cause other conditions (of the body Such as heart, etc. ) , can lead to sudden death. ( 2) Not: it only produce a transient high pressure discharge. Can put people to stun. But don't die, 3) Will, as long as the voltage is large enough, 4) Rod should not, such as the police used to, just to stun attack hemp 75 million kv electric power to a man's results ( 1) Effect is: any will stun the other party, general model for two to three seconds to electric sobbed no resistance ability, the other for five seconds or so to sparkle. Electric batons, civilian self-defense equipment generally designed stick, similar to the flashlight, electric batons, commonly known as electric. Principle is the instantaneous high pressure pulse, stun contact biological or lead to a shock, the purpose of self-defense. 1. Internal main structure by the integration of high quality of integrated blocks and rechargeable nimh battery. External main structure is mainly composed of ABS hard glue new light electric cylinder high-pressure self-defense electric batons pressure of injection molding and metal materials, usually in the front of the product has a pair of head, or the number of metal shock back-end switch with electric shock of insurance, according to the electric switch, which can produce a strong shock. 2. Self-defense device with electric shock gangster limbs advisable, gangster lose resistance ability, is not to shock. It is strictly prohibited for children to use, or shock head, heart and other vital organs. 3. Self-defense device please don't put wet place, not in the sun, rain, do not put in high and low temperature environment; Ban on metal objects electric shocks. 4. New factory is in a state of discharge, self-defense should be charged before use, with the with dedicated charger or charge since any plugs line, charging current cannot be too much; Charger can't meet the polarity; In the process of charging and charge shall not be used within five minutes after electric shock function, otherwise it will affect the product life; Charging time at around six to eight hours, or it will shorten the battery life, and even cause the battery blowout, damage to the battery. Storage for a month, should check and charge, more than a month long stored, should be put in a dry, well ventilated room, should be to charge on a monthly basis. Charging should be used in 5 minutes or use the electric shock after illumination, otherwise easy to damage the light bulb. ( 2) Special power to one half a day can't move the heart just catch a cold
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