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60 with massage by electric shock killed some anxiety black spots - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
Before the old man is using the bioelectricity massager times, June 14 ( Reporter wei wei interns Stevens bjh. simplified methods for) 14 at 11 a. m. , 16 in the river town, 60 villagers li being shocked, sent police general hospital in shandong province. The family said, Mr Li in the morning in the home use acid-base flat bioelectricity DDS massager massage, because massager leakage to death. When the reporter arrived at half past 12 police general hospital emergency department, Mr. Li's body has been pushed into the mortuary. A dozen family members gathered at the door, one of the family members told reporters: & other; Li, 60, in good health at ordinary times, have no disease no disaster, and the gas. This morning, Mr Li a massage with a medical device in the home, can be in a few minutes Mr Lee's wife, he has slipped to the sofa, feeling tired. ” Hurriedly called 110, and find a handlebar officer rushed to Mr Li general hospital. In spite of the emergency department doctors carried out emergency rescue, but failed to put Mr Li & other; Pull & throughout; Come back. , according to family members after the incident, Mr Lee with huge black on her neck, belly have two black pieces, each have six or seven pea-sized black spots. “ The patient is an when tired. His belly, have one black spots on the neck, too, has been burned. ” The emergency department doctors said Mr. Young. Reporters then came to Mr Li home, home every relative low calm face. “ He is this! ” In a sofa, a called & other; Acid and alkali flat bioelectricity DDS therapeutic apparatus of massager & throughout; Also on the ground, two pads on Mr Li lay on the sofa in the morning, 4 wire, therapeutic apparatus, the size of a DVD two pads of the instrument. In addition to a switch on massager, leaves a numbered scale called & other; Energy regulation & throughout; The button. Massager marked: manufacturer for hebei waring acid-base flat biological technology co. , LTD. In the instrument on the right side of the column of content is introduced, with & other The pain caused by various reasons have analgesic role & throughout; ,“ In older muscle atrophy throughout resistance &; ,“ Correct the lymphatic disorders, enhance immunity, have a hypnotic effect & throughout; ,“ Under the action of bioelectricity, and help the excluding of kidney stones and gallstones with electric and magnetic & throughout; 。 Reporters then contacted the hebei shenyang group, staff said Ms. Wang, acid and alkali flat bioelectricity DDS massager is not a medical device, but a massager, with functions of physical therapy, mainly to ac electric flux into the human body, so as to mobilize the body's bioelectricity. Asked about alternating current will kill, Ms. Wang said voltage has the highest limit, not kill, but still need to be under the care of people to use them. Ms. Wang said the massager, though only two buttons, but buy a crowd going to hebei based training, including primary training, the final two days training a long time, the examination to obtain physical therapy after card used to purchase. And families, said the therapeutic apparatus is after we see the advertisement on TV last year, Mr Li will play to the other bank accounts, thousands of yuan to purchase products from each other, do not see any other sales personnel, village and another old man also bought this massager. At present, the family has been looking for lawyers know about the matter. 【 Related news 】 To treat cervical vertebra with therapeutic apparatus, the old man pulled into paralysis times, June 14 ( Reporter Susan) Sun, a 65 - year - old man suffering from cervical spondylosis, for his son from the online purchase traction therapeutic apparatus to treat cervical spondylosis, have never thought the old man made a treatment only, can't move my body. Yesterday, when the old man was rushed to hospital after family members still in doubt what let old man paralyzed. According to the old man's family, the old man sun suffering from cervical spondylosis has for many years, has been inconsistent surgery, only accept conservative treatment. So the son several days ago for the old man bought a cervical spondylosis traction therapy apparatus on the Internet. Don't feel well yesterday, the old man's neck, just out of the traction therapy apparatus. After unexpectedly on the pull, the old man did not alleviate the symptoms of, but can't move my body. Then the family immediately sent the old man to the jinan military region general hospital emergency room near the treatment. Through inspection, the old man of the cervical vertebra tube due to pathological changes is very narrow, using cervical traction apparatus, highlights the oppression to the spinal cord, resulting in paralysis. After emergency surgery, now the old man body has consciousness, legs and toes can have activities. But the specific how to restore, still need to continue to observe. Director of the hospital emergency department Zhang Ji shin, cervical spondylosis patients traction at home do not not, but should according to own actual situation. If just for hand hemp, cervical pain, you can use the therapeutic apparatus release the pressure of the spinal canal. If characterized by muscle weakness, don't do traction at this time, but must go to a doctor immediately. “ Many want to conservative treatment of cervical spondylosis patients, electric batons, surgery. In fact, the operation must be surgery. ”
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