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7. 0 brush task demons tyrannosaurus electric ones how to speed the legion - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
Mage demons tyrannosaurus electric rods is very hot recently. Novice but ran on the legion will trample along while, strange and dispersion and the progress bar, electric batons, inefficient. The author put a task can quickly do so lovely place. After into the mission area, the right hand side there is a bridge, electric batons, then across a bridge, coordinate 60. 64. As shown in figure 8 felguard, hit after, stairs, each have a boss, with 3 skills can be seconds, each 5%, felguard on a group of over 5%, boss is second brush, so, no one hot a few minutes to finish. I wish you a speedy get Titan electric rods. After the completion of the ps, the task will become a task to refresh the world, so our African friends will often go to clam clams clams.
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