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90 seconds to know: why women must Cartier to get married?

by:Tianwang     2020-07-21

the spell of love fairy tales and all luxury goods, Cartier love story made it one of the biggest selling point, to explore, the old stories decades ago was a 'local tyrants enjoy people's blessing, small three true love to pay a' soul-mate body model. Years, Joseph Cartier when Cartier family people ran into the design extremely talented young woman Jenny toussaint, and after toussaint provocation 'Cartier is going downhill', to be invited into the Cartier family for innovative design. In a study of American jungle, accident happened: a leopard quietly began to slowly close to Joseph. Jenny found a situation. Shouted Joseph flee. Turned to Joseph, aware of their situation, in between a told him that if immediately run, came the leopard will bite him. Then he suddenly turn the huge Zeiss camera, one click on the leopard 'cut', flash the jaguar. At this time of confrontation, Jenny took off his coat. With carry lit cigarette lighters, throwing in the past, out of the leopard shocked that guy is a fire, flee into the jungle. Jenny and Joseph left tightly embrace together, quickly fell in love.
return to Paris, Jenny was filled with sweet and happy, to design a series of related to the nature of jewelry, including a series of beast jewelry design for the duchess of Windsor, is that only the Cartier 'cheetah breastpin' to the climax. And Joseph and 'affection' wife of negotiations, decided to get out. Beside the Seine, Joseph took out the legend with love and best wishes in the red box, reposing inside a pear-shaped Cartier diamond ring. But things didn't work out. . . it back on, accompanied by huotang legally done two hands and feet of the car had an accident, Joseph died on the spot, Jenny will love into Cartier design until die.

star Cartier ring flange (
Above, from left to right)
Tony leung & amp; Carina lau: long years of Tony leung, carina lau in the buddhist kingdom of Bhutan as a royal wedding, at the ceremony, Tony leung chiu-wai with a rare Cartier carat pear-shaped diamond ring across the United States to carina lau, will be accompanied by more than seven thousand day and night to know each other into a happy journey. The diamond ring is worth thousands of yuan, how much money is equivalent to one day be yourself!
avril etienne lavigne & amp; Derek would like bliss: can you recognize 'real' rock sister avril, even if image is rebellious, wedding, with some carat, Cartier alongside the body, regardless of the appearance, it was the woman really is a kind of social property.
gou & amp; Delia: life's richest man terry gou's second wedding, the bride Delia tseng wearing Cartier diamond ring smile. Yes, that girl can marry's richest man, even in the dream laugh awake.
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