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Jiangsu Tianwang Solar Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1990, located at No. 5 Huaxiang Road, Development Zone,Jingjiang City,Jiangsu Province,China. The company covers an area of 16,942 square meters and a building area of 24,000 square meters. "Tianwang" is a manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It mainly produces high-frequency and high-voltage electronic products such as high voltage transformer, ozone generator, negative ion generator, arc lighters etc. For more than 30 years, we have taken the mission of doing every product and serving every customer.   


We insist on technological innovation and continuously improve the manufacturing technology of our products. We improve the technological level, carry out technological innovation and product upgrades. We use advanced manufacturing methods to achieve full-process control of quality. From raw and auxiliary materials to finished products, from the normal operation of each equipment, from the optimization of each process and from the inspection of each product, we strive to do a better job in every link to bring users a high quality experience . In the production workshop of more than 20,000 square meters, more than ten advanced assembly lines and more than 200 sets of automation equipment, our production is more orderly, efficient, and more stable in quality.


Our high voltage generator products have a wide range of applications: they can be used for agricultural and forestry machinery electronic ignition, sprayer electrostatic spraying, insecticide products, electronic insecticide, security products, animal husbandry repellents, ozone disinfection, water treatment equipment sterilization, wedding equipment electronic ignition, scientific experiments, electronic ignition of cooking appliances, electronic cigarette lighter, etc. The electrostatic sprayer produced by us can achieve a fine distribution of sprayed liquid mist on the surface of the crop, and the back of the crop is wrapped and adsorbed, which saves medicine, save water, save labor, reduce environmental pollution, and have better insecticidal effect.


Our R&D team keeps up with the pace of the times. In-depth study of the field of high-voltage generator, and continuously expand the development and application of high-voltage generator. We also have technical cooperation with many colleges and universities across the country, and uses the scientific research team of the colleges and universities for research guidance to promote the development of Tianwang.


While doing every product well, we do our best to serve every customer, taking customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal of our work. At the same time, we are a dynamic team. After work, we will often organize team building activities to relieve work pressure and enhance team cohesion.


Over the years, the company's products have obtained 32 domestic and foreign patents, and the company has successively obtained ISO90001 management system certification and BSCI production standard reports. The products have passed CE, ROHS, FCC, UL, SGS and other international certificates. Products are exported to the United States, France, Britain, Africa, Southeast Asia and many other countries and regions. In the past 30 years, we are grateful to many old friends who accompany our growth. In the next 30 years, we will continue to provide our customers with better and newer products, create a better future with the vast number of new and old friends.

Our Quality




We always insist on doing every product well. Whether you can see the appearance of the product, the performance of the product, or the internal raw materials of the product that you cannot see, we will strictly inspect.

(1) material selection: We will select manufacturers with professional qualifications, and the safety of materials should be started from the source.

(2) quality control material inspection: each batch of raw materials we receive will be inspected by special personnel, and unqualified raw materials will not be allowed to flow into the production line.

Detection of semi-finished products: all semi-finished products in the production process will be tested according to requirements.

Finished product inspection: after the product is sealed, we have a special finished product inspection department to inspect the appearance and performance of the product in strict accordance with the customer's requirements.

The whole process of quality control, all testing is an important condition of quality control, we insist that the quality of products is carefully manufactured in the process of products, testing is only a means. In addition to product quality, we care more about your use experience. If you encounter any problems during use, please feel free to contact us. Your feedback is the greatest motivation on our way forward.



Select New ABS engineering plastics with high performance of impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance and electrical appliances, and refuse to use recycled materials

Copper Wire


High-precision oxygen-free copper wire is selected, which has good softness, low resistance and low power transmission loss.



Adopt polyethylene insulated environment-friendly flame retardant electronic wire

Solder Wire


Lead-free solder wire is used, with high tin content, firm welding and good electrical conductivity.

Electronic Components


Selected electronic components with good quality, long service life and high stability

PCB Board


Replacing the traditional circuit with PCB board reduces the welding spot of the product, reduces the difficulty of internal wiring and assembly of the product, improves the quality of the product and accelerates the assembly speed.

Our R & D




We have 30 domestic utility models, 1 invention patent and 1 international invention patent, totaling 32 patents.
We have a mature R & D system, a systematic professional coordination process, and focus on the changes of the times and insight into new knowledge. Provide quality service for our customers. In addition, we have carried out efficient technical cooperation with many national universities and carried out research and guidance with the help of scientific research teams in colleges and universities to promote the development of Skynet. Tell us your needs, let us have inspiration collision, integrate with each other, and customize your products for you.

Powerful Econimic Strength 


Efficient technical cooperation with many national institutes

Support Customization


Tell us your ideas and let us develop together

Keep Pace with Times


Attention times change, product Times tide

Thoroughly Understand the Nature of the Product


To make your product revolutionary change in

32 Patents


30 domestic utility models, 1 invention patent and 1 international invention patent

Our Means of Production and Manufacturing Process




Through 30 years of continuous practice, exploration and summary, we have continuously improved the processing technology of products, greatly improved the technological level, and led technological innovation and product upgrading.
Safety starts from "core", automatic winding equipment, machine production core components, integrated automatic production, automatic detection,
Replacing traditional electronic components with circuit boards to avoid potential quality hazards that may occur in the production process of traditional products.
The adoption of machine inserts and machine welding improves not only the efficiency but also the quality. Let's protect your products.

30 Years of Production Experience


Continuously improve production process

Security Begins with Core

Core parts of machine production

Continuous Improvement


Product upgrades

Machine Plug Board

Significantly improved efficiency

Machine Welding


More stable product performance

Our Team




Some people praise the fragrance of roses. I only know the silent dedication of roots. On the road of constant growth, Tianwang people devote their enthusiasm to their work with their simple feelings.

Our team consists of the iron triangle of sales, production and technology. The sales department connects with you and accurately conveys your needs to the technical department and the production department. The technical department shall issue drawings, samples and production specifications according to your requirements. The production department strictly produces according to the requirements.
In the spring and autumn for thirty years, our team has been steadily improving along the way. We not only seize the market opportunity, but also understand your needs better. We always adhere to the values of loyalty, professionalism, diligence and progress. We will strictly implement customer requirements. As long as the products are exclusively developed by you, we will not disclose them, let alone sell them to any other company. We will not disclose your information to anyone else.



Our sales department connects with you and accurately conveys your needs to the technical department and the production department.



Strictly implement customer requirements. As long as the products are exclusively developed for you, we will not disclose them, let alone sell them to any other company. We will not disclose your information to anyone else.

Technical Department


Technical department shall issue drawings, samples and production specifications according to your requirements.



Production Department strictly follows the requirements.


Our history is waiting for you to create











Jiangsu Tianwang Solar Technology Factory is founded by Mr. Gongda Fan, with only 3 employees working in our temporary production facility, to manufacture high voltage transformer.

We developed patented electronic mosquito swatter and have many domestic customers.

Started foreign trade and annual output value up to 3 million.

Participated in the Canton Fair and further expand the foreign trade business.

Built the new factory of more than 14000 square meters.

Further strengthen management and established 3Q6S management system.

Introduced fully automatic production line and potting line.

Received BSCI fty. aduit certification.

Add Automatic plug-in pipeline

Add Automatic Packaging assembly line