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A British cinema mass brawl, the police carrying stun guns, batons disposal - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
【 The web reporter wang ya qi 】 23 night local time, Birmingham, UK, star city entertainment center, 6, seventy teenagers at a cinema in the fight. According to the Birmingham mail, then sent to local police about 20 police cars, hand-held 'taser gun' ( A stun gun) , batons and law enforcement personnel arrived at the scene with dogs were evacuated after the entertainment center. During the period of seven police officers were injured, in the star city entertainment center has been closed. It is important to note that according to the Russian izvestia, 25, the day part of the teenagers even involved in the brawl carries the machetes and other tools. Teenagers involved in the brawl with machetes figure from twitter, 'I heard someone Shouting outside the restaurant. I heard someone is fierce fighting in a movie theater. 'The Birmingham mail quoted the manager of a restaurant in star city entertainment center review said. It is reported that there were about six or seventy on the day of the fight that teenagers to participate in the cinema. The Birmingham post screenshots, according to reports, another witness said Saturday, 23) Late at around 6, more than 100 police and police car arrived at the scene, closed after the evacuation in star city entertainment center. Electric batons, the report said, now people are advised to avoid the area and look for other alternative route, and the police are on the further investigation. A former presence of mother recalls, 'I've just come back from here, my five year old daughter was dead. A nice afternoon so horribly over. 'More details about the brawl, the witness' Rachael Allison 'on twitter recalls,' I didn't go there to see the new movie 'blue story'. Brawl incident behind my brother and I are lining up to buy snacks - — Worst of all, some young girls are fighting. Police with batons, taser, and dogs. Star city is now closed. 'Rachael Allison twitter screenshots as far as the cause for the fight, the Birmingham post did not disclose. But the izvestia further added that local police arrested five teenagers, 4 of them were detained on suspicion of assaulting a police officer, a 14-year-old boy was detained reason for suspicion of the police activities.
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