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A bus rollover HangHui high-speed killed four people and injuring more than 10 people ( This Mosaic

by:Tianwang     2020-07-14

the accident dotted around today, HangHui high speed main line ramp in the direction of hangzhou linan a coach happens, the accident has killed four passengers, more than 10 people injured were taken to the people's hospital of linan and linan hospital for treatment, there are some serious injuries. Zhejiang province hangzhou team told zhejiang online journalists at a high speed.
according to understand the coach the license plate number for anhui R, at present, the scene of the accident has closed. Remind: hangzhou direction in linan high-speed vehicles under high speed change in the way the ground from under the exquisite, please. ( Zhejiang online journalists Cheng Yonggao Liu Yongta)

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