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A fake gun man rob bed peasant association electric ones were assaulting a police officer uniforms - on the spot Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
According to Taiwan & other; Ettv cloud & throughout; Reported changhua surprised the robbery! A 20 year old lai man more than 26 at 3 PM with a fake gun and electric shock stick, peasant associations, broke into flower beds, robbing, electric batons monopoly network, on the spot by the police uniform. Learned, electric batons, the man with a fake gun first coerce a woman, cause each other off the ground. He then turned to the counter, holding peasant association staff, take 400000 yuan, Nt, hereinafter the same) , in an attempt to just meets the police while disorderly escape, should take the shock attack, a police were injured. But then support the police arrived, the suspect only made it about 100 meters, staff force by the police uniforms, detailed crime motive remains to be further clarified.
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