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A family filling lighters workshops hiding village

by:Tianwang     2020-07-14

  ( The net news) Guide language: disposable lighters, at ordinary times is very common, a store for a dollar in one or two, and finished it away; But the lighters, explosibility under high temperature in summer, because it contained the butane is flammable and explosive, the sort of thing very, once the leak and the production of this product is also has certain, however, in this kind of family workshops, and special filling lighters, look very unsafe.
explanation: insiders told reporters that in some village, badge in the town of wang, many villagers in the home production this kind of lighters, equipment is very humble, and very much. The insider, the reporter visited several village, in a place called milre village, the village was found.
in the same period: ( King, badge town milre village villagers) You to his family that the blue door installation lighters lighters well Ann came up to her to send you here the boxes is finished or semi-finished products I don't know
explanation: according to the villagers' directions, reporters came to the installation in the production of lighter farmers home, farmers yards with over 20 paper box.
in the same period: ( Assembly workshop production lighter hostess) How do you want to give you inquire about the development of cigarette lighter when I do something did that and do not ask you to do this have
explanation: see stranger visit, the hostess is very cautious. At this time, just to a woman driving a three-wheeled motorcycle pulled goods, the lady and her a piece of work again.
in the same period: ( Transport workers) This is the semi-finished products away. 。 Moved here to come a inflatable toys with inflatable they put into finished products bring
explanation: reporter pretend that want to open a similar workshop from the experiences of the boss, after a period of communication, the boss finally opened the chatterboxes.
in the same period: ( Assembly workshop production lighter hostess) Work done or are not able to master the technology to let him learn you never assembly line which
in the same period: ( Assembly workshop production lighter hostess) Can come in two days you send someone I do these days to pull the semi-finished
explanation: the hostess said he had to quit, these are all production before, she led the reporters in the yard on the west side of the room.
in the same period: at the same time: ( Assembly workshop production lighter hostess) So you see to assemble into inflatable this is assembled this is to put the wine? I don't know where to put. 。 。 Semi-finished products that have no light is a skin is a person to get on the
explanation: the whole house messy everywhere boxes of lighters, the boss give the reporter said two lighters, this is production before, now they only have some semi-finished products, the reporter sees these lighters, explain what all have no, just a piece of paper packaging.
in the same period: ( Assembly workshop production lighter hostess) Is this a finished product that is not it is semi-finished products processing what program do more rework there no air this is leather and the wick up mouthpiece back and then filled well it charge what gas butane
explanation: reporters that he is really want to go to a set of such equipment, the hostess said that this live, although not technical, equipment is not very valuable, but the work is not so easy to do.
in the same period: ( Assembly workshop production lighter hostess) This machine it is not worth you have to buy tank aeration and booster pump pressure regulating pump if this was a bad skill the adjustable pressure this Fried ah

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