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a flaming disgrace! thief hides his lighter behind a cash register then burns through the cord on a charity box, stashes it inside his coat and flees

by:Tianwang     2020-06-15
It was a shocking moment when a thief stole a charity box from under the nose of shop workers by burning off the safety line connected to the counter.
The cunning swindler blocked a lighter behind the cash register screen at the E-Steam store in Merseyside Butel, so his behavior would not be seen.
CCTV then showed him using flames to melt the wires during a conversation with shop workers in an incident around 6: 20 p. m. on Tuesday.
The man in the red hat can see him leaning against the counter, holding a lighter in his right hand and looking at the items for sale with his left hand.
He then picked up an item and when he took the lighter to the Dog Trust charity box, it was handed over to the store staff as a distraction.
Then the man lit the flame on the rope attached to the charity box.
The rope was burned and the man had to put off the flame with his finger and had been talking to the shop worker all the time.
Even a small cloud of smoke can be seen from where the wires are burned.
The thief then went slightly to the charity box and looked around to see if he was awake before the store staff left the counter.
The man stuffed the yellow charity box into his big jacket and this time he showed his face to the CCTV camera again.
He strolled around the store for a while before leaving.
The video was originally posted at the Lost and Found place on the Liverpool Facebook page, which read: \"The dog believes in the chair box stolen by this lovely gentleman.
Stanley Road, a staff member at bootle\'a shop, confirmed that it was a dog Trust charity box with the words \"He burned the rope he tied to the cashier \".
\"Steam reduction officials commented.
Dog Trust Merseyside supporter relations officer Amy best: \"We are sad to see a shot of a man stealing one of our collection cans so recklessly.
\"We are not funded by the government, so we rely on donations from the public to fund our work to take care of 15,000 dogs each year.
\"We are very grateful to those who have donated to us through this collection tank, and as this matter is handed over to the police, we will work with them and business owners as much as we can, and urge the man to return tin as soon as possible.
\"The Dog Trust is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK and will take care of 15,000 dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages as they wait to meet their new families.
Dog Trust annual accounts Review 2017 shows that the charity received £ 60. 2m of £106.
It earned four million dollars through donations that year.
The Dogs Trust is currently trying to place 41 Dogs in the Merseyside area.
Anyone who wants to adopt a dog should visit their website.
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