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A man armed with a razor away cars - this street Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
22, a reporter from the region banner public security, according to the bureau of Interpol brigade police in Liang Su too police station, DE ridge mountain town west street police station, the sea with the cooperation of the policemen, in just over two hours was uncovered in car robbery, one caught the criminal suspect. In region on October 9, 19 PM, banner current chart town business children's wear the temperature of a closed door ready to go home. In her car keys ready to drive door, suddenly a man appeared around you. Wen a man with electric batons threat, asked wen to the car keys, a spooked wen a hurriedly gave the car keys to a man. Man fast on the car, driving vehicles fled the scene. Interpol brigade called, quickly organized the police investigation, at the same time inform the police station set up checked posts along the block was robbed vehicles. The policemen after obtaining video surveillance video captured the robbed vehicle tracks: man suspects driving out of the city to the port of the hair direction, the f its hair port toll station along the provincial highway 212 to return again, drove in the direction of wave wu not mouth. 21 when 20 points, robbed a vehicle into a sheep hai toll station, already in this set up checked posts, from the intercept Liang Su too the policemen and the Interpol brigade under siege, before and after police force will be seized vehicles parked, and criminal suspects arrested. The criminal suspect wang mou of confession, because no money, he grabbed the car ready to sell some of money to spend. At present, the criminal suspect has been detained by criminal of wang mou, case is still under further trial. ( Zhang Linhu Hou Zhanwen)
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