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A public security department to solve the exotic flower of robbery, the suspect was robbed - in the nude Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
Recently, the public security department of hezhou uncovered with exotic flower of robbery, the suspect was robbed in the nude. Since July this year, hezhou in public security bureau police station in the city have received three night of single women in the city was robbed the bottom demonstrate the alert, according to three the victim statement, the suspect is a whole body naked young man. After the reception, hezhou city public security bureau police station criminal investigation work immediately. After trying the video monitoring, police also mobilize the public to participate in the investigation. The often demonstrate square dance & other; The beautiful aunt & throughout; Team called to the police station, the picture of the interception of the criminal suspect, through this & other; The beautiful aunt & throughout; Lane distributed leaflets, collect the clue of the criminal suspects. There was a & other; The beautiful aunt & throughout; Seen images, said after she had seen many times the man in demonstrate the cave area during the day. Police station in the city to know that the situation after the rally forces to demonstrate mountain & other; Carpet & throughout; Search. Everything comes to him who waits, on August 25th afternoon, five are demonstrate square dancing & other; The beautiful aunt & throughout; Report to the police, said they found the bottom in demonstrate the name & other; Abnormal condition throughout the suspect &; 。 Aunt lee aunt: congratulation state citizens have a see then tell us, this seems to be online about the nudist commit crime that person, you look like, we can speak a little bit like, we make a phone call to report. The police immediately rushed to the scene to the criminal suspect left a captured. After the interrogation, left a truthfully confesses his demonstrate implementation of below three robbery criminal facts. Left a cell phone and a job three times were in a number of dollars in cash. The police said that the left one is not retarded or people with a mental handicap, but he has no fixed job, as a result of lack of money was robbed. Why don't wear clothes don't wear pants to rob? Criminal suspects left one: show girl, the girl didn't dare to look. Undress girls did not dare to look, so I feel a little bit good grab, so he robbed. In hezhou city public security bureau police station, deputy director of the shing: this case is a series of vicious robbery, specifically for single lone woman at night, and demonstrate the square area in the city centre, the case is very bad. Night alone women easily become the target of criminal, if subsequent to alone, female friends please don't wear headphones, vigilance, when danger comes, play it by ear to passers-by for help. Conditional female friends can learn taekwondo, martial arts, to self-defense, or carrying defend Wolf spray, self-defense electric batons.
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