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A Taiwanese man posed as police officers robbery caught - in Shanghai Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Shanghai, April 27 (xinhua) 27 reporters from the Shanghai police learned that after 26 hours continuous investigation, suspected of pine jiangnan institute in Shanghai first people's hospital parking lot rob man ko one ( 36 years old, Taiwanese) Was caught by the police. 25th afternoon, Shanghai songjiang police said the victims were reported, its in the middle of the first people's hospital of jiangnan hospital parking lot, was a claim to be plainclothes police man hit in the head, and take a mobile phone. Case, the police quickly set up some investigation. Investigator is read through site visits, monitoring, locking the trace of the criminals. 18, 26, astonished at Jin Shanting Lin ke a captured. Ke a metasomatism, thoughts of wealth because of debt. 25, 15, 25 it pick it up when the victim, pretend to be police to assist in the investigation for the victim, intention to enter the car control the victim. See the victim suspicious, electric batons, ke an electric shock stick hit their head, and fell on the ground mobile phone after the escape. The case is under further investigation.
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