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About the girl to walk alone road, robbed, emerge in endlessly, have been killed Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
About the girl to walk alone road, robbed and murdered news emerge in endlessly. The lessons of various blood again warning girls: when alone must always pay attention to safety! However, not everyone can be a female man so calm! Dare not walk alone road? Be pickpockets at all the way? A person should meet emergency do how? Rather than worry about them, to acquisition with small make up a suit & other; Throughout the Wolf &; Combatives! Left hook hook, right leg playing small make up today to introduce you to the MFT can bring down the rogue, also can hit back sex maniac, can drop to pickpocket oh! Of course, we don't have to violence, the ease with which a MFT can fix & hellip; … Self-defense electric batons, self-defense electric monopoly: WWW. fsqczm。 Com is deng doubts come! ! ! ! What is the MFT whispers? MFT( 军事体能训练) All called & other; Combat training course & throughout; Combat training, is a kind of use to the training methods of fitness effect. Of course, is also a heavy and light self-defense skills ~ straight fist must learn MFT whispers is for what? To see this handsome coach? This is YiDiWei, MFT star coach & ndash; — Yang Fenghong. Emergency cases, often do not need help, you easily complete, I play! Swings in the process of the training of the MFT will be a lot of sweat, this is reduced fat shape good opportunity, at the same time can make human body blood circulation and remove the body fat deposition, resulting in the huge increase lung capacity! And throw in a way to relieve stress, improve sleep, relieve the worries of sub-health. So handsome skills, don't immediately get? Hook MFT learning should pay attention to what? Elbow on eating to train in an hour, because had just finished eating the food in the process of blood flow velocity can accelerate, is not conducive to training. MFT training intensity is bigger, need a lot of energy to do training support, in the process of training need to replenish water absorption, will sweat a lot of training process, if not timely filling water, can cause dehydration. Must the players in training professional clothing with professional props, practice in the process of moving range is larger, the professional clothing is beneficial to the effect of the training, the body needs timely heat dissipation, professional props also play a protective effect of body joints. Today eddy's coach to show you are MFT exercises to prepare & hellip; … Do you want to put those in a bad blow that disgusting? Then hurry to learn! YiDiWei, good health, is a collection of fitness, constant temperature swimming, MFT, tai chi martial arts, yoga and other kinds of fitness project integrated membership fitness facilities, adhering to the scientific, professional, classic concept, in line with international health standards, equipped with international top brand fitness equipment.
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