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add transformers to the list of things 3d printers can make

by:Tianwang     2020-06-13
3D printing is often used to make normal objects, but when the creator thinks outside the box, something really amazing comes up.
Japanese civil disturbing 3D printing of the fetus and awesome 3D printing portraits to prove this.
Now, a Japanese robot company has built a transformer with a 3D printer.
Brave robot company will attend the manufacturer\'s exhibition in Tokyo next week to launch the latest invention to transform robot 7. 2.
The robot is a scale model of 1: 12 that can be easily converted from a car to a double
Pedal the robot and come back.
In both modes, it is controlled by the remote control, moving Wi-
Transfer the live feed to your tablet\'s Fi camera.
So where did the 3D printer come from?
The internal parts of the robot are traditional machine parts, but the company uses customized3D printer
This process allows brave robots to produce robots in any color the customer wants.
As mentioned earlier, transform robot 7.
It will be held at the manufacturer\'s exhibition in Tokyo next week.
If you find yourself in the area, it may be worth a visit.
After that, it seems that brave robots will begin to sell robots to enthusiasts, inventors and people who have just dug up giant robots.
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