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【 Advertising lighters 】 7 year old girl looking for toy results under some spark machine tool home was burned

by:Tianwang     2020-07-19

year-old girl some spark machine tool to find toys results under the home burned

the ceiling lamp can light up the room, not on the corner of the furniture. The day before yesterday afternoon, looking for on bed doll, healthy way yuzhong district year-old girl xiao li ( Not his real name) Can use the lighter to light, but inadvertently lit up the bed. Due to the improper disposal, the building in flames.
one hall burned all
yesterday morning, the morning paper reporter came to the site, near the two crossroads first aid centre downstairs address the health of residents. Things a day has passed fast, but the residents are still talking about the fire.
in the field, we find a man surnamed huang. Mr Huang's dopted mother is the host of the room fire. Under the guidance of Mr. Huang, we entered the house fire. Just walked into the corridor, smell of anxious burnt flavour. And the whole building walls, has also been fully blackened, wire scattered all around.
this house is one hall, about more than square meters. At this point, the room was dark and a residue.
looking for toy he lit bed
'child really is too naughty! 'Talking about the cause, Mr Huang in disgust. Originally, the fire is caused by Mr Huang friend's daughter, xiao li.

the day before yesterday, Mr Wong with xiao li to come play in the home. Points in the afternoon, xiao li found his beloved doll suddenly disappeared, so look for everywhere, no others in the home at that time. In this small house, with a big a little bed. Small beautiful that doll probably off the small bed. At this time, she found that cigarette lighters were on the table.
'the light also can light up. 'With the idea, small beautiful flame lighters, and into the bed. This dangerous behavior, lit the sheets soon. Until around the small beautiful feeling 'crackling' sound, she realised that caught on fire and she quickly ran out of the house Shouting.
at this point, however, the fire is out of control. Until the caiyuanba fire squadron officers and soldiers arrived, immediately rescue, and promptly evacuated more than old man upstairs. After about half an hour, was successfully put out the fire.
many families did not equipped with a flashlight
fire warning, let children parents should avoid contact with open flame, stating with fire has certain risk. Home should also be equipped with similar torch lighting equipment, correct use and teach children.
as mobile lighting tool, flashlight on the night and finding things to find play an important role. However, the reporter random interviews, half the people had no flashlight, one is a young man.

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year old girl looking for toy results under some spark machine tool home was burned
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