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【 Advertising lighters 】 Bend to pick up the lighter cars flying out of 3 meters high

by:Tianwang     2020-07-19

bend to pick up the lighter cars fly out m
around yesterday morning, in yinzhou east wu zhen zhou line segment traffic accident occurred, a Volkswagen jetta car suddenly fly m out of the subgrade, knocked down a tree next to the straight on the hillside, after but ride safe. Some introduction,
the driver he is from the east wu zhen to sanxi pu reservoirs picture dragon village to meet people. Because of the traffic in the morning, open a bit fast, at the time of vehicle miles per hour.
when the incident, he wants to smoke, reaching for a cigarette lighter, but carelessly lighter fell onto the floor MATS. He bent down to pick it up fast, but looked up and found that the vehicle bias, he immediately go to dozen direction, but the car is out of control. 'The car at the time, in addition to the driver, vice cab also sit a person.
the passenger after remind of the scene is still dying: 'the car empty meters at least, to turn over two roll, taxi meters, ran to the highway slopes, really like a movie. At that time, I thought it over, hurriedly touched his body, luckily we fasten the safety belt, are not injured. '
the traffic police at the scene to see that a lot along the hillside road was washed out, car and was knocked down a tree, vehicle tire, a balloon popup, windshield, insurance (before the door is damaged, Rest assured bartender) Bar was wrecked.
the traffic police remind drivers, driving, don't do other affects the action of driving, not everyone is lucky, ensure the safety of driving personnel is the most important.

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