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【 Advertising lighters 】 Liaoyang city built in the pipelines of lighter factory has been discontinued

by:Tianwang     2020-07-19

the liaoyang city built in the pipelines of lighter factory has shut down
xinhuanet shenyang month ( Reporter bing-kun wang) Underground pipelines, the ground is the production of disposable lighters factory. (date) (month) (year), the official Xinhua News Agency xinhua survey 'column reports the liaoyang city, liaoning province is a security risk. Recently, the liaoyang city related department requirements in the production of lighter liaoyang kaijia hardware plastic co. , LTD. , production, to ensure that the hidden dangers rectification smoothly.
led to deal with the hidden trouble of liaoyang city development and reform commission deputy director wang, an interview with reporters, said the production safety law in our country of the third paragraph, article of the '( Department of work safety) Accidents, found in the inspection shall order immediately ruled out; Major accident hidden trouble in the process of elimination or unable to ensure safety, shall be ordered to withdraw workers from within the hazardous locations, shall be ordered to suspend production out of business or stop using it. 'Accordingly, liaoyang kaijia company production safety administration requirements, and has set up a send officials to supervise the implementation in factory.
liaoyang kaijia hardware plastic co. , LTD. , more than there are employees, annual production of disposable lighters, ten thousand. As early as the year in factories and expansion, the company has been buried in the yard has a crude oil in the oil pipeline. Because at that time, there is no corresponding legal rules and regulations, the company passed the examination and approval. In recent years, along with the continuously improve production safety regulations, especially in Qingdao pipeline deflagration accident happens, the menace to the attention of the people.
wang, vice mayor of liaoyang city has been set up to as group leader, the leading group of deputy team leader, coordinate the development and reform commission (NDRC), fire protection, safety, planning and other departments jointly deal with the menace. Now the government departments are pipeline management companies, and the parties lighter factory to coordinate, to determine the hidden dangers rectification scheme.
liaoyang kaijia hardware plastic co. , LTD. , said hong-jian li, director, production has much effect on the enterprise, the company, after all, is not illegal construction, but because of the laws and regulations to adjust led to the production safety of unqualified now. After the company had signed orders, default will face a huge compensation. He wants the government to help enterprises to rectification, as soon as possible to resume production as soon as possible, in addition to the enterprise loss to give proper compensation.

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