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Advertising lighters wholesale

by:Tianwang     2020-07-16

a: the company perennial sales and wholesale all kinds of brand, disposable lighters lighters, kerosene lighter, sunglasses, the polariscope, supply of goods are complete in specifications, and undertake hotels and places of entertainment and advertising lighters business, with several lighter enterprises have good relations of cooperation. Advisory welcome people in the society to come to negotiate. Widely. 。 。
a: I don't know that you have a lighter bulk wholesale? I number Oo nanchang is not suitable for making cigarette lighters. Because the lighters need butane gas of nanchang is no. To buy more expensive from our company is specialized in nanchang hongseong big market is to do wholesale lighters, you can contact me, search 'nanchang. 。 。
a: the grocery store is generally where wholesale market like wholesale cold food should be from minhang district cao treasure food wholesale market ( The area A number; Spring collar yanju wholesale houses) Wholesale all kinds of high-grade machine disposable lighters ( To do all kinds of advertising) Bliss commodity wholesale cigarette holder pipe to the city god temple. 。 。
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