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by:Tianwang     2020-07-15

S T Dupont peng
French designer S T Dupont peng be to have a group purchase. In the early years, France is peng has become eminent persons from all over the world love of supplies, including the European royal aristocrats, industrial and commercial giant dupont products fondle admiringly. In years, peng more specifically made for the wedding of the queen Elizabeth and the duke of a travel bag. Business all over the world. With the development of the market, S T Dupont gradually expand its luxury products series, launched men's clothing and accessories, leather goods, lighters, writing tools, watches, cigar accessories, glasses, perfume, etc.
in producing all kinds of leather workshop, peng to century peng began to make lighter, its trademark is S. T. 杜邦公司。 Now all peng is more rich and grade. Dupont, for example, some models of lighters of K gold or silver, adornment method have machine processing all kinds of decorative pattern, Mosaic pattern of pure gold. Are more good at peng is mixed with 'gold dust' in Chinese Chinese lacquer. In peng equal style lighters, Chinese lacquer lighters even more expensive than gold. Peng of ultra-thin lighters Carand Ache is one of the world's most expensive lighters.
the lighter of knowledge, not only the lighting bright spark, from appearance modelling, the use of materials to the internal structure, all is about a man's taste key. Through the years, peng each lighter still continue to play a contemporary legend representative indicators, whether it is a dazzling light, beautiful acme process itself, or lighter let S. T. Dupont time feeling and hard to unique charm. 年代。 T. Dupont is not only the Rolls-Royce of lighter, it is the indispensable 'jingling' man in the pocket. Has been to have a group purchase.
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