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Analysis how visible flame detector work

by:Tianwang     2020-06-26
Common flame detector is mainly composed of three types: ultraviolet flame detector, optical flame detectors, infrared flame detector, optical flame detector is now a more widely used, this visible flame detector to you talk about how they work. Visible flame detector is composed of light pipe, photoelectric sensor and signal detector, it is through the photoelectric sensor signal into electrical signal, the flame is converted to current signal after adjustment and sent to the distance of signal detector; Signal detector receives to the photoelectric signal processed is divided into two parts: namely the flame intensity and frequency. Finally by the signal from the flames of a real signal processor. Visible flame detector is based on the detection of flame flicker frequency and intensity to confirm the state of flame, visible light to infrared flame detector has filtering effect, can filter out of smoke, hot flue gas, slag and the furnace wall of infrared radiation, to further improve the reliability of the flame detector. But the visible flame detector of the easy oil mist, smoke and unburned pulverized coal block and absorption. For coal-fired power plant workers, not only to master how to use the visible flame detector, the same need to understand the principle, so as to when to use more at ease, can better operation and play the role of visible flame detector.
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