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Another police involved violence law enforcement in the United States: in using a taser African men - many times Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
The original title: another police alleged violence law enforcement in the United States: many times in using a taser African man police violence law enforcement incidents occurred frequently in the United States. Fairfax county, Virginia in the United States recently there was a white policeman suspected of law enforcement of violence against the African man. According to the local police, it happened on Tuesday. Where several police officers, was an ambulance on persuading an African-American man rehabilitation center. Later, electric batons, a man named katyn pollack police rushed to the scene with the taser, the African man. What happened by a police officer present with cameras recorded, and to be made public in 6. Video shows that the African man was hit, katyn pollack also riding on him, and will stun guns on the man's back and the back of the neck. Then the man a present more officers uniforms, this man is constantly said he couldn't breathe. After the incident, the African man was taken to hospital, has now been discharged from hospital. Katyn pollack has been prosecuted, and, according to local police katyn pollack when using the specific reason for the stun guns are still under investigation. Click into the project:
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