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Another police on suspicion of media in the United States: the violence against blacks law enforcement to use the stun guns - this time Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
Reference news network reported on June 8, according to CNN, CNN) On June 8, va a fairfax county police on suspicion of yell a & other; I can't breathe & throughout; Black use stun guns, or face up to three years in prison. According to the report, fairfax county police released the video clips of the incident, showing this named Taylor & middot; Pollack of the police in the absence of provocation against a black man with stun guns. At a news conference in local time 6, a local police chief Edwin & middot; Said, the date for 5 video shows that the policeman in violation of the police force use policy, committed & other; Crime & throughout; 。 Reported that at the beginning of the video, the officer who's wearing a camera out of the car, to speak a man walking down the residential streets, electric batons, the man seems to be lost, incoherent. According to the report, the man seems to be told the police that he wants to go to the drug, but when the police and emergency workers tried to persuade him to the ambulance, the man to go to another direction. After a while, the other a policeman walked towards the man, the man seemed to see the police, then turned to leave. When he turned, the policeman took out a stun gun, black man let out a cry and fell to the ground. The second place the police took the man turned and then knelt on his back.
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