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Anqing SuSong: their assembly lighters insensible changed the law Anqing network television

by:Tianwang     2020-07-22

month, shop SuSong anqing city county, prefecture security major inspection, found an illegal small workshops making cigarette lighters.
in the inspection found that the shopkeeper ryu within the store to store a lot of finished and semi-finished products, lighters and some tools on the table. Ryu admitted that he was not dealt with any production and business operation procedures, nor with any fire equipment.
  ( The same period SuSong county magistrate laid benji) Illegal to store a large number of semi-finished products lighter, summoned verbally shopkeeper ryu to spread long investigation on the spot.
ryu memories, from the beginning of the month of the year, he has four times from the city to a large number of semi-finished products lighter, assembling, profit, ryu think their behavior is normal channels of money, not realizing that the processing, storage and illegality of lighters. According to 'public security management punishment law of the people's countries related, the door ryu with security.
  ( The same period SuSong county magistrate laid benji) Alleged illegal transportation of ryu conduct store items, ruled that the county level to illegal behavior person ryu to administrative punishment, on the fifth day of the case is being dealt with in at the moment.
anqing stringer Zhang Xiaozhen, Zhu Yi reports.
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