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Any self defense flashlight factories instead of trading companies recommended?
Trading companies are specialists that cover all export and import operations and procedures. They buy products in one country and sell them in different countries where they have their own distribution networks. Jiangsu Tianwang Solar Technology Co., Ltd. owns a modernized factory and is not a trading company. We purchase advanced machines from well-known companies from overseas and reasonably allocate them to our factory to improve our productivity. We ensure self defense flashlight is produced at a competitive price with no additional expense charged to the customers like a trading company will do.

Tianwang is one of the prominent manufacturers in China. Incorporating the entirety of our knowledge and experience, we provide self defense devices. Tianwang produces a number of different product series, including boiler transformer. Tianwang mosquito swatter goes through systematic design processes. They are specifing spatial relationships, assigning overall dimensions, selecting design form, design details and embellishments, colour and finish, etc. It produces no flame, odor, or toxic fuel. The product is easy to operate. It is provided with a strong help-menu and instruction for easy and convenient operation. Wrapped by double-layer insulated wire, it is totally safe for users.

We will actively promote sound environmental management and sustainable development. We will use and promote advanced technological production facilities to reduce the environmental negative influence.
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