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Ao and the director of the canine teeth live debut on what to see what people view - ten thousand Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Salt and pepper trump + spicy humor, words with such a distinctive flavor ao factory opened on May 6, he live in canine teeth debut, formally join to the za canine teeth on live handsome boy live! And with consistent rough rough trump wind, ao and factory director debut hadn't started long before this, it ushered in the ten thousand people watching the scene of live, all kinds of gay love interaction, playing all kinds of watch, electric batons, let the factory director of canine teeth broadcast channels, immediately the is kind of a full house! Canine teeth live website address: probably because canine teeth debut, live on canine teeth at first, let's ao factory director performance was still very shame, very shy, very tender, although live is blood violent assault game, but the soft voice, straight the audience Shouting & other; Not the factory director & throughout; That is, it really have to factory director in distress situation. Since you guys want to order some rough, however, that the factory director shall get, along with the continuously to live, the full opening tender factory director also put aside the sheep garment, electric batons monopoly network, as the gang shows its unique rough rough trump wind, this just to make the audience demolishes, call again! As the star of the canine teeth live anchor, although ao just opened its first factory director, however, see a swashbuckling live title & other; What to see what, thank you & throughout; Still very full drops, its confidence. Of course, as a fan of our factory director, signs of the rocks is dye-in-the-wood, gang said no limit to accept, accept and accept! Show trump all English, all the way along the soldier assault, saying the canine teeth live debut, the za ao and director for the wayward time extremely, constantly in the process of explanation exports show English, show the extremely severe trump type high quality English talents, to make more than the presence of N audience constantly barrage, barrage barrage again, to show the taste, really is real! Of course, in addition to English fluently, since debut live, ao and peculiar to the factory director explanation style also bring you endless happiness! Want to know if ao the director what will bring us the next live content, interactive experience? Locking teeth broadcast channels, at 2 PM on time every day, be there or be square! 【 About the canine teeth live 】 Canine teeth live is a line of domestic large-scale game live interactive community platform, is focused on the game related content of independent operation site, the cover has a very wide range of types of games, covers the real-time strategy game, RTS) , fighting games, racing games, the first person shooting game, and so on on more than N species. In addition, tiger tooth live also signed PIS, bao-long zhou, electric batons, such as a number of professional famous anchor, provide players with his hands to swim live live, PC, PS4 broadcast live, and other tools, for players to create a rich content, strategic game live platform to learn! Canine teeth live website address: official more dynamic, scan the qr code below or concern & other; Canine teeth live & throughout; The official WeChat ( WeChat ID: huyazhibo) Related q&a ao factory when is the next tiger tooth live? He asked ah! He have a micro bo ao director what games live a dead space, gta5, call of duty, crysis, Mafia saint, sniper elite, contra, killing the postman, blood lion, bullet, Stalin vs martians, sim city, grand warriors, hunting blade ( Seems like that name, fake monster hunter) Ao factory where live watch live when there is New Year's day for six days, generally do not live, live weibo posted before tiger tooth ao and the director of my world eighth in the fourth quarter when the broadcast said no weibo also say that ended if it will be a new words ao ao and plot can't completely lost * 罒 del 罒 * ao factory director live in where? To ao and factory director youku space, computer version, there is a live address at the top of a point directly into, is canine teeth. Laugh die me the Guts and glory death and glory unicycle ao factory director still do live now? Where the ao and the factory director now occasionally live in canine teeth, you can add his weibo, each live he said on twitter.
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