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by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Elite tutors network & gt; High school physics & gt; If removed AB, the rest with electric charge distribution is changeless, point P potential into c, now let CD rod D end clockwise rotate 90 °, O, P point of electric potential at this time, phi phi O P, respectively, of the following statements is correct ( ) 答:φO = $ 压裂{ 1} { 2} c + 压裂{ 3} { 8} a$ B. φP=c C. φO=$frac{ 1} { 2} c -美元 $frac{ 1} { 8} d . φP = c + 美元压裂{ 1} { 4} So CD into the CD 'didn't change the field strength point P, still to c for O points, four bonzi completely symmetrical, so each rod produced by the electric potential is $ frac { 1} { 4} $a, AD, BC did not change the position, so produce potential $ frac { 1} { 2} 一美元; CD 'produce potential analysis as follows: see the AD, BC to P potential, CD to P $ frac { 1} { 4} $a, AD, BC, CD for total c, so the AD, BC to c - $frac{ 1} { 4} 一美元; Two bonzi is symmetrical, so any potential $ frac { 1} { 2} $ ( c - $frac{ 1} { 4} 一个美元) , for this is the BC P potential; Looking at the CD 'potential of O, think of the electrostatic field distribution, can know the potential root BC to P; Potential superposition to point O: phi O = $ frac { 1} { 2} c + 压裂{ 3} { 8} Workbook series answers won the third term in the summer vacation in anhui province, people's publishing house series answer summer vacation homework ningxia people's education press series answer to optimize learning 40 days of jiangsu people's publishing house series answer happy summer vacation the summer vacation period cohesion lifting scheme of xinjiang art photography press answer holiday homework jinan press series answer happy summer vacation life yanbian people's publishing house series answer learning practice fast lane happy summer vacation homework xinjiang people's publishing house answers he attributes books primary liter cohesion textbook series digital publishing media co. , LTD. Shandong answer new campus life coaching summer shandong media co. , LTD. , zhejiang university optimal learning series answer elementary school grade cohesive guide and practice of zhejiang university press series answer grade high school course grade junior high school course in higher educations free recommend! The first month free course recommended! Junior high school free courses recommended! 2 2 free course recommended! Three senior year course recommendations for free! Third grade free course recommended! More junior middle school, high school courses are recommended, click enter & gt; > Relevant exercises subjects: high school physics source: topic: multiple choice
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