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asus eee pad transformer tf101: smart tablet with mobile docking station

by:Tianwang     2020-06-12
The Asus Eee Pad Transformer TF101 tablet with keyboard dock is an amazing tablet for your productivity and entertainment needs.
Eee Pad Transformer for 16gb Wi-
The Fi model is considered the cheapest tablet to use Android 3. 0.
Hardware when you check its hardware, you will find that it has some similar features to other tablets.
Its screen size is 10.
1 inch, there are some ports, buttons and slots on the edge.
For processors, Asus uses Nvidia\'s 1GHz dual
Core Tegra 2 platform with 1 gb ram.
The operating system is definitely Google\'s Android 3. 01 (Honeycomb).
The Eee Pad Transformer is 0. 5 inch in tall;
This is longer than other tablets.
This size enables the tablet to match the mobile dock so that they can be converted to flip-over laptops.
The design is also well executed.
The buttons are placed correctly so you can easily operate the tablet.
The power button and volume rocker are in the top right corner and the camera is in the center of the top, on the right side you can find the Mini-
HDMI port, micro SD card slot and 3. 5mm audio jack.
The tablet features a 1280x800 pixel IPS display with a screen aspect ratio of 16: 10.
IPS technology enables this tablet to present an amazing view in an improved color.
Its color accuracy is even comparable to Apple\'s iPad 2.
There are some improvements to the user software for this new Asus tablet. interface.
The core navigation buttons are better, and Asus replaces the standard cellular navigation buttons with three solid button structures.
The keyboard has also changed dramatically.
The default function of the keyboard of the transformer is the lighter-
A gray background with dark letters and numbers.
Users can find custom wallpapers, and can also find useful wallpapers on apps such as Polaris Office 3 in Infraware.
0. Lead the war and file administrator.
Other applications you can use with transformers are MyCloud, MyLibrary, and Epub.
The transformer obtains its name from the supporting components called the mobile docking station.
The tablet will become an amazing netbook. like clamshell.
When Transformers are combined with mobile docking stations, they look smart.
There are two USB ports and an sdhccard slot on the dock.
You can insert an external mouse on the USB port, and the SDHC card slot can accommodate a variety of SD cards.
With a combination of a tablet and a mobile dock, you\'ll get an extra battery life.
All in all, it\'s worth seeing this tablet as your partner at work.
Its price and amazing display make the tablet a great choice for everyone.
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