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Attention of selection and installation of flame detector

by:Tianwang     2020-06-26
Flame detector how to choose better: one, in the petrochemical projects using three wave band infrared flame detector, outdoor indoor use dual-band infrared flame detector. Second, in the explosive, gunpowder factory use of ir/uv composite flame detector. Third, in the indoor environment of metal and inorganic flame detection using ultraviolet flame detector. For the underground hydraulic station, lubrication oil depot can use infrared flame detector. Can't use outdoor ultraviolet flame detector or single band infrared flame detector. Flame detector installation note: 1, the detector installed wiring, should make the monitored area in the effective range of viewing Angle. 2, the installation of the detector should be as far as possible avoid obstacles blocking, for horizontal, vertical shape size is less than 0. 5 meters of obstacles, the probe is apart from the obstacles of distance not less than 2. 5 meters; For shape size more than 0. 5 meters and unavoidable, should be appropriate to increase the number of detector. 3, the installation height and position of detector should according to detector sensitivity level. Surveillance target according to fire detector distance characteristics, general big 1. 5m。
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