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by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Not long ago, the home visit, I told mother Texas has become the world's sun city, mother asked me what is sun city? I said, 'in light of the sun lighting'. Mother surprised to ask: 'with a solar lighting, that with the sun at night, no sun lamp is too bright? 'In fact, the principle of solar energy and I don't really understand. My mother said, 'this person really can ah, let the sun come out at night to light when the light, that's great! 'When it comes to light, I couldn't help thinking of many lights. I was born in the 1950 s. Remember childhood home is very poor, electric batons, not light, then the whole family lived three small adobe, made a hole on the inner wall, put on a lamp made of glass vials lamp (' foreign oil' At that time China didn't kerosene, imported from abroad, so people referred to as 'foreign oil') 。 Wick with rolling cotton growth and rolled into the metal pipe, set in the iron curtain on the bottle of 'foreign oil' in the light, dark is really out of sight, lamp, little lamp light two rooms. Lamp flame like douban is big, a little older mothers with head hair clasp, press the lamp holder make fire head a little bit small, lest waste 'foreign oil'. Lamp according to back already, also according to the outhouse, another room is not even a small oil lamp, handling of anything with this only small oil lamp in the past, outhouse temporarily in the dark. Put the lamp lampstand usually smoked a soft soot and then I go to school to write big copy with this soot, add a little salt, water and ink to write. If the wick fuel consumption dry, tight or douban flame trembled once you start out, mother just giggling with the mouth 'light', I also often help mother beside 'light', actually this is not effective. Really want to go out, mother quickly scooped the lamp holder with hair clasp, get rid of the above the oil mark, lights light up again. Sometimes have no oil, wick don't put enough, just add a little water to the jar of oil floats up, maintain a night. Aunt often come to my house to help mother weaving spin, never light a lamp and sat on the loom on the edge of a kang buzzing secretly weaving spin, 'foreign oil' can't afford! S my high school life began to improve, the home use of bulb light, is a glass base, have lamp mouth, according to the above bulb lamps and lanterns. Twisting motion with the hand lamp mouth knobs, control the size of the lamp holder flame. Bulb lamp is not everybody has. Besides, plans to supply foreign oil, a month this sell YiErJin wasn't enough to use, many people still use a small jar, with the end of the lamp 'foreign oil'. High bulb lamp base, twisting motion with the hand lamp knob, wick can, under the flame more clearly. Because of the poor, the supply of 'foreign oil' and not enough use, will buy SMC) in the corner of two cents a kilo of light diesel oil, later to save money, even the triangle money a catty of 'foreign oil' don't buy it. Each night lessons in middle school, the students will end with the light, from the dormitory to the classroom, a dozen lamp burn together, a night, face nostrils smoked became black, the choking not to mention the upon foreign taste. At that time, 'foreign oil' triangle 1 catty, on a per head supply, there are three people in the sell a kilo, there are five people to sell to one and half a catty, the lamp is do not have enough to eat. In the mid - seventy - s, the village began to use the electric light. Remember brigade bought a autogenous grinding generators on lighting, generate electricity for three hours every night, let people lighting. Because of somebody else in the village small generator power, more families with the lights still red, was not a bit bright. Once there is something wrong with the, also need to start standby 'foreign oil' lamp lit. In the late seventy s, the grid into the village, the village on the electricity, the villagers really use the electric light. Streets in the village also installed the street lamp, farmers not only with the lights in the home, even on piggery, toilet, gates is according to the electric light. But at that time, because the country is not rich, power supply, often a power outage, the light is often become a decoration. Most is call during the day, electric batons monopoly network, sending it to agriculture, the dark electricity stopped, says it is sending to the factory, began at ten o 'clock when sleeping, a call people funny to call it 'light MAO' electricity. Since China's reform and opening up, especially after the third plenary session, lamp really get rid of the history of 'foreign oil', and by the mid - eighty - s 'light MAO' phenomenon gradually disappear, what time what time appeared to have electric age begins. Wonders, various. Nowadays development of low carbon environmental protection, and the solar energy lamp. Now this lamp development to which I said is not clear, but one thing I can be proud to say that now the light is the real sense of happiness light. Seeks book will
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