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Baby top 20 years wages _ four sea fishing nets _ power - electric batons Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
Baby top 20 years wages on January 6, nanjing light snow began to fall, the south winter cold damp with this bone. But this does not affect heat media attention to the news & ndash; — Two days ago, jiangsu provincial committee, nanjing municipal party committee secretary Yang WeiZe surveyed, be the first to fall in 2015 deputy provincial & other; The tiger & throughout; 。 Mr Lok ma, also make nanjing after the eighteenth big party secretary and mayor of both lok ma first provincial cities, jiangsu officialdom shock oscillation. Four sea fishing nets, according to the sources, electric batons, when I first got to the document, Mr Yang water sweep the floor every day end, hard working, good leadership. Over the years, deputy section chief, section chief. In 1986, Mr Yang is dispatching to subei Pi county ( In July 1992 from county set pizhou) Add township mouth an assistant townships. Is not the same level cadres have such opportunity, means that he has been at the time as the focus on training of young cadres. Sure enough, after a workout at the grass-roots level, Mr Yang in 1990 was promoted to the planning program, deputy director of the. These people told reporters: & other; He rose, deputy director of the there is a reason. At that time, the bureau of several people are eyeing this seat, some people even forged letter masses, commending ourselves, but in order to save money, save trouble without stamp sneaking into the director of the office. It is said that in these letters, but not a letter of recommendation from Mr Yang, director of the think he is a sincere person, electric batons, ask him to do the place pair place long. ” Four years later, he became planning program director. On September 13, epicenter wide net financial news reported according to the voice of the economy, as the saying goes, a famed person and a pig afraid of strong. After qinfeng costs famous, has been all sorts of fake problems. According to deputy general manager of qinfeng costs Xu Lin, currently in the country, more than 30 stores in imitating qinfeng costs, some even the door plaque are the same. The power of electric batons
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