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by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Check my collection of useful 0 + 1 vote has zero electric batons mainly by the integration of high quality electric batons lock of integrated blocks and rechargeable nimh battery; External main structure is mainly composed of hard ABS plastic injection molding and metal materials, usually in the front of the product has a pair of head, or the number of metal shock back-end switch with electric shock of insurance, according to the electric switch, which can produce a strong shock. Chinese electric batons nickname electric, electric shock, shock rods, self-defense, self-defense, riot, defibrillator using field principle through promotion transformer voltage security directory 1 2 go go go 3 forced the forced the 4 forced the woman forced the 5 6 7 electric batons development in developing the electric batons electric batons appearance, has a history of 30 years collection ( 14) , all kinds of changes after the thirty years to stick, from the simple stick to strong light rod type and alarm type multifunctional electric batons. No matter in appearance and technical features are obtained by leaps and bounds, as one kind of electric batons equipment, when the police mission also plays a significant role. Electric batons function electric shock stick the old electric batons using high voltage generator and rechargeable batteries have more than 40000 v electric shock, electric batons, make offenders have a strong sense of shock feeling, whole body numb, hypodynamia, instantaneous loss of ability to do evil, and the working principle of the high pressure low flow is not cause any harm. When use close to the body or on the other side. The integration of high voltage generator is divided into two broad categories: dc type and pulse type two kinds. Dc electric shock strength, belongs to the high pressure flow pattern, dc products are not afraid of damp and of good quality and also can shock after rainy days or be affected with damp be affected with damp, waterproof electrical shock when it rains so pick up the flashlight erase water can shock. Underwater do not use electric shock, in order to avoid water conductive accidentally shot himself. Dc electric shock compared with pulse strong, big deterrent, can instantly stop crime, people are more likely to accept. Pulse shock strength compared to smaller classes, product belongs to high pressure low flow type, products are afraid of damp, especially yellow mildew season and rain days, keep dry. Shock was hissing noise, couldn't put the electric spark, wipe with dry cloth electric shock parts or a blow with blower can normal shock, not exposure. Electric batons light is a very simple, convenient and practical self-defense weapons, it can penetrate the very strong beam ( According to above 200 m range) , make offenders lose vision, allows you to try and deal with violence time or enough to make you fled the scene, and this kind of blindness is temporary, not cause any harm to eyesight, when used at the gunman eyes, light also can make long-distance rope lighting, lighting distance of 100 meters. Water-proof electric torch before launching, waterproof properties is good must check the relevant parts, launched for lighting. Electric batons alarm points and electrical and electronic alarm, it can be sent 120 decibels alarm sound, strong enough to bring neighbors, pedestrians, or the police make offenders have intense fear. Alarm distance of up to 500 meters, dump in steal things in time, give in easily. Electric batons structure principle of the electric circuit principle BG1 and BG2, B1 constitute the ac and dc converter, B1 booster after the QL bridge rectifier to C2. BG3, BG4 big multivibrator composed of hollow coefficient, it output pulse triggering thyristor three ct5 conduction. Capacitance C2 by 3 ct5 and B2, B3, B4 primary discharge. And B2, B3, B4 each sub facies series nearly thousands of volts output voltage. When the function selector switch K in 1 location for the use of lighting the torch. Electric batons element components selection and production: transformer B1 in medium wave magnet intercept 20 mm and 30 mm long two paragraphs, each wound coil with epoxy resin glue into buccal glyph magnetic ring. Each winding data as shown in figure. Do better with E11 form magnetic core. B2, B3, B4 use commercially available XD type 380 v / 6. Level 3 v lamp transformer, first used in reverse, the original six. 3 v secondary parallel to make primary, original 380 v junior secondary together. Attention should be paid to the secondary voltage phase in series connection, the output voltage. BG1 and BG2 beta value should be greater than 60, and as far as possible close to performance. Electric batons instructions electric batons and maintenance requirements
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