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Baiyun airport security seized the foreigner batch defibrillator on board - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
China civil aviation information network news correspondent Guo Junyi Pan Zhiling He Wu reported: last night when the end of the flight, baiyun airport security from a foreign passengers luggage found eight the high voltage electric shock. One of about half a meter long electric drum shock machine can produce rare 100000 fu high pressure, airport security departments to the passengers and goods shall be transferred to the airport police station. 6 April 23, baiyun airport security personnel on domestic CZ6342 flights of passengers baggage X-ray inspection, found that a foreigner two suitcases full of mobile phones and some unknown object. Subject and one by one, take out the baggage in the mobile phone and to separate baggage check, found that the inside of the baggage is not the same as the mobile phones and ordinary, after open packet inspection, it turns out that hide the passengers in case a batch of stun guns, including mobile phones nokia N95 style of the defibrillator 7 and a high voltage electric drum defibrillator, the foreign passengers want to borrow the unidentified object muddle through, finally by the Ann check one by one. According to the rules of China civil aviation security check, stun guns belong to the prohibited item, are banned passengers carry or check in items. Security departments to remind the passengers, boarding, please do not bring such items such as carrying on the security or hidden carrying such substances, will be handed over to the civil aviation public security organ for handling. , electric batons, electric batons
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