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Bar electric batons to use basic knowledge - operation Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Basic knowledge of the operation bar | electric batons. Stick to off? — — Inertial resistance locking rod, hand holding a stick, and use it every time you use the power of the wrist, or forearm lead out, hand carry lock will stick under the effect of inertia relief, without extra trouble of wave direction, and in the section joint should stop for resistance. So you can open the stick. Rejection note if anyone near or this device, electric batons monopoly network, careful not to destroy the bad. Jilt quantity is not too big, the force at that time the effort, but may make the new lock tight stick, and recycling. 2. What is the lock? — — When locking points two kinds, one is to carry the lock, as the safety lock, a lock is open mode, in order to use the lock. 3. Safety lock have? — — Safety lock refers to stick their time locking methods, its role is to lock a stick, keep to carry, avoid because not often open was solved. Common magnetic lock, steel card lock, etc. City. there are placed at the end of the stick is the magnetic lock structure strong magnets, the magnet will stick 'sucked' fixed, does not automatically unlock can guarantee a stick. While steel card by using the principle of hollow stick son, design a kind of try to O elastic steel clip, clip the widest part of the greater than the inner diameter of the stick, when steel clip into stick steel card open and flexible 'card' to live. Two methods have their own characteristics. 4. How to recycle a stick? — — Inertial resistance locking rod, together with the friction between the metal, under normal circumstances, in the vertical direction by raise head to tail rap can be recycled. Method like this: to look for a flat hard surface, stick head down, holding a stick son tail, hard to hit. Pay attention to the impact of keep the stick and the ground was in vertical state. Otherwise, it is easy to slip, electric batons, touches his stick, and the second is the uneven rod connecting parts is easy to get stuck. 5. Rod how to maintain? — — Good stick can be used for a long time. New factory stick to running in a period of time. When beginning to use, not too hard to stick, otherwise may cause sticks stuck again is not easy to recycle. Correct use is: first use around 7 to force out a stick, practice recycling, after mastering skills can push rod. Avoid any damage to stick paint at ordinary times, use, with dry cloth to wipe clean the rod body after exercise. In order to use for a long period of time, don't use a stick to hit a brick, stone or a tree. Every six months suggest apart sticks, carefully clean up again, then smeared on a stick with a little oil. Be careful not to apply in the joint, can cause lock failure. This article from high voltage electric: more related documents: this chapter will discuss the following questions reliable bar, the standard length of the batons of 26 inches to 9. 。 。 Tennis and used batons what are the similarities? In the operation. 。 。 Will tell from the common sense, this method is effective. Through professional tennis player. 。 。 Carry weapons of safety, prevent the rod spraying, automotive riot fire extinguisher, bar, telescopic nunchakus, self-defense with a torch, and all kinds of each sample. 。 。 Introduced so much knowledge about electric shock self-defense device, hope to help all people, especially girls, pay attention to their own. 。 。
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