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Basic technical specification of high voltage generator transformer

Basic technical specification of high voltage generator transformer


We have introduced the high voltage coil before. I believe everyone is already familiar with the product. The following are the basic parameters in high voltage ignition transformer:


Working frequency

The core loss of high-voltage transformer has a great relationship with frequency, so it should be designed and used according to the frequency of use. This frequency is called the operating frequency.


Rated power

Under the specified frequency and voltage, small high voltage tranformer can work for a long time without exceeding the output power of the specified temperature rise.

High voltage coil support customization

Rated voltage

Refers to the allowable voltage applied to the coil of the ignition coil transformer, which shall not be greater than the specified value during operation.


Voltage ratio

Refers to the ratio of the primary voltage to the secondary voltage of the high voltage transformer. There is a difference between the no-load voltage ratio and the load voltage ratio.


No-load current

When the secondary of the high voltage custom transformer is open, there is still a certain current in the primary, and this part of the current is called the no-load current. No-load current is composed of magnetizing current (produced magnetic flux) and iron loss current (caused by iron core loss). For a 50Hz power transformer, the no-load current is basically equal to the magnetizing current.


Load loss

Refers to the power loss measured on the primary when the secondary of the high-voltage package transformer is open. The main loss is the core loss, followed by the loss (copper loss) caused by the no-load current on the copper resistance of the primary coil. This part of the loss is very small.

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