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beer bottle opener - using a lighter

by:Tianwang     2020-06-14
Would you like to learn how to use a lighter as a beer bottle opener? When I bought a 6-
Pack my favorite imported beer and bring it to a barbecue or other byob site, only to find out that I don\'t have a bottle opener.
Finding that you are so close, but still far from accomplishing your goals, is one of the most frustrating feelings in the world.
There is a metal cover that will keep you away from cold drinks.
Okay, don\'t be upset anymore!
If you have a soft plastic lighter and some proper techniques, you can easily learn how to open a beer bottle with only a lighter.
Carefully follow the instructions below for Operation Step 1: Hold the beer bottle in one hand and approach the bottle cap.
The gap between your finger and the bottle cap lip needs to be slightly smaller than the width of the lighter.
The average weight of a lighter is about 3 inch high, 3/4 wide and 1/4 thick.
To use a lighter as a beer bottle opener, you will use the bottom end of the lighter to remove the cap.
Do not try to use metal parts in any case.
This may not only cause potential damage to the lighter, but also the risk of cutting yourself is high.
Hold the metal end of the lighter firmly on your other hand as if you poked someone with a stick.
Step 2: Relax your hand by holding the beer bottle.
Place one side of the lighter on the side of the finger closest to the cap.
Clip the lighter between that space so it can be placed under the beer bottle cap and knuckles.
For those of you who have the basics of physics, we are using the power of leverage to create a fulcrum between the index finger and the lighter shaft to generate the power to remove the bottle cap.
At this point, the bottom of the lighter should now stand vertically between your finger and the lip of the cap, trapped in a gap of 3/4 between the finger and the hat.
Squeezed on the beer, you should feel an edge of the lighter digging meat on one side of your index finger.
The other edge should now push up on the cap, causing it to go deep into the soft plastic edge of your lighter.
The force required to lift the cap mainly comes from the use of the lighter as the force between the levers, and the pressure applied to the beer bottle by squeezing the beer with the cap.
If your finger does not feel a lot of pressure, start with the position of the finger slightly closer to the lid.
Step 3: push down on the metal end of the lighter as you continue to squeeze the beer hard.
This will cause the lighter to bend the lip of the cap from the beer bottle.
If the lighter is properly applied as a lever and sufficient fulcrum force is generated, the cap will fall off.
If you can only bend the lid a little, you still do a good job.
If one side is picked up, just try again on the other side of the cap and pry that side off the bottle as well.
With these simple steps, you can successfully open the beer bottle with a lighter without worrying about carrying the beer bottle opener with you.
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