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Best self-defense equipment recommended - overseas Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
Advantages: the biggest shock for 38 million v power ergonomics design of spike point faults: (very loud The be fond of according to you can be in favor of or against) Hard to remember when handling lateral damping plate 3. 街头刺环( Best personal defense) Looking for full size stun guns are more cautious than traditional? We recommend using Streetwise Sting Ring. In fact, we highly recommend it, make it become our best self-defense electric batons. Ing ring is compact electric batons, have the latest personal protection design. In essence, it is a ring on your fingers slip. The top of the ring with a small cog, can provide the punch 18 million volts. Comfortable oval base fixed on the ring, you can comfortably in the palm of your hand. When you need to use it, simply close the lamp, then squeeze the base with the palm. Sting Ring with the charging line, can is a built-in battery, thereby saving the extra cost of the battery. And if your Sting Ring happens to fails, you do not need to worry, because it has a lifetime warranty. Only with the Streetwise Security Products personnel contact, they will be happy to help you. Advantages: compact cautious built-in battery budget friendly faults: build quality than expected strong built-in battery will last a long time. 4. Run Runt Stun Gun is a high-tech design, called & other; Mini & throughout; 。 The stun guns is small enough to hide in your hand, but don't let it fool you, it has 20 million volt strike force, can cause serious injury. Runt can also double as a flashlight, and contains a bright LED, the LED can light up your path for up to 5 feet ( May be more, depending on your battery) 。 To electricity stick in his hand, runt surface is covered with antiskid rubber, and release the pin with a wrist strap and relaxed. If your budget is limited, need is relatively small, or just like to have a variety of color selection, the runt level electric batons may be your right choice. Advantages: low profile, fashion the appearance of the antiskid rubber coating and wristbands very budget friendly faults: compared with other electric batons/flashlight, LED lamp is not very bright. Guard dog hell for those of us who prefer ordinary things, and guard dog hell electric batons. Hell look like a normal flashlight, can even be used as a flashlight. The LED lights on the electric batons rated for 200 lumens. This means that you have enough light to illuminate a little room, streets and even a small garage. In terms of power, guard dog hell is one of the weaker in our list, the impact power is only 6 million volts. But if, with the very bright LED flashlight and combined crackling loudly, you will get surprise. Only these things can be enough to scare before you even didn't have a chance to close to you attack your attacker. Because the electric stick can be used as a flashlight and can be used as personal defense tools, so it with a helmet, you can wear it when not in use. Advantages: very bright leds look like flashlight rather than electric batons long battery life faults: safety helmet is not always correct installation low voltage 6 million v only on electric gun what to look for when buying electric batons, you need to have a understanding of what to look for. Not all self-defense weapons are the same, electric batons, is no exception. Some is heavier than the other, with a different style of the pins or to provide more or less voltage. Learn how to choose meet the individual needs of your electric batons are very important. Therefore, we select some of the main function, the definition of when choosing new electric batons, you should pay attention to these functions. These are not the same, but they will certainly help you determine which electric batons makes it worthwhile, what should stay on the shelf. Quality in the last thing you want is in the process of struggle with an attacker, high voltage corona gun scattered or cause trouble to you. Most electric batons are made of hard plastic or metal. Two kinds of materials can be, but we recommend choosing a coated with antiskid rubber material. You should also be aware of, if use undeserved or accidentally use the tool, may hurt you. Therefore, we recommend you to choose a safety switch electric batons. Use the safety switch, you can lock equipment. As long as you have security, and often don't have to worry about whether it will prick you out of his pocket.
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