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Beyonce, rihanna former bodyguard drug control electric shock by the police for naked - death Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
诺曼Oosterbroek ( Right) Served as several star bodyguards tencent entertainment - ( Word/doodle) Rihanna, Weibo) ( Rihanna) , beyonce ( 碧昂丝) , Lady gaga, kanye west & middot; West ( 坎耶·维斯特) ,杰 Z… … Hollywood stars have their own life to a well-known bodyguards & ndash; — Nickname & other; The Dutch giants & throughout; ( 荷兰巨人) The Norman Oosterbroek, but recently the bodyguard but die under the police electric batons. According to reports from foreign entertainment media, electric batons, the 45 points, 10 p. m. local time Monday in Miami Norman Oosterbroek into neighbours arguing with each other in the home, he was naked, hands still holding a bag of white powder. In the Miami police detective robin & middot; Flat card ( 罗宾Pinkard) About incident: & other; He rushed into the neighbor Christie (Annie 克丽丝汀荣格) Home, the latter heard a loud noise in the yard, when she went to the outside of the bedroom, is to see naked Norman Oosterbroek standing there. ” Christie Anne's husband then rushed into the yard, he and Norman Oosterbroek also risen from verbal conflict to physical contact, in the process, which is still in the intake of a white unknown material. Later Christian Anne alarm, but also not uniform after police arrived up to 280 pounds of Norman Oosterbroek, police spokeswoman Nancy & middot; Perez (commander Maj。 Nancy Perez) Said: & other; He was very violent, can't control, the mood is unstable. ” Finally, the police were forced to stick out the electricity Norman Oosterbroek, although he was quickly sent to local hospitals, but was eventually the hospital announced. At present, the police are still investigating he was the region and the number of electric shocks, according to some media reports, the Hollywood star's former bodyguard is the part of the electric shock is likely to be the chest. Currently, Norman Oosterbroek eat white powdery components have not confirmed, but the possibility of the drug, according to his neighbor, but the bodyguard of hyperactive after the drug was a significant response. The Miami herald reported that, during a bodyguard, Norman Oosterbroek, because drug use, whose many times. Norman Oosterbroek was born in South Africa, he used to be South Africa's first black President nelson & middot; Mandela ( Nelson Mandela) Bodyguard, later he founded in the Netherlands bodyguards RAD company, the company's customers include many Hollywood artists.
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