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'Big fairy for self-defense homemade 14: the pistol is personal defense items ( Figure) - - - - - - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Police seized wang mou's homemade pistol police for figure, a 61 - year - old wang mou fortune for a living for a long time, for the sake of self-defense, he actually 'self-taught', discovering the 14 homemade handgun. Recently, he carried a homemade handgun to nanjing south railway station, the police seized by south station police station. Police later again in his residence is located in changzhou, lianyungang, seized homemade gun 13, detonating device 15, successfully solved with illegal manufacture, transportation, storage cases involving guns, ammunition or explosives, wang mou is currently criminal detention, the case is still under further trial. Correspondent Ma Yanting modern express reporter gu yuan, on September 28 morning, the nanjing south railway station security staff is checking, de-fu wang security police patrol to and fro between the 5 security checkpoint, constantly reminds the subject don't pass any clues. Around 8 am, a man carrying a plastic bag into the waiting room, to 13 security inspection, site security desk only one or two seconds in a hurry, trying to sneak station get on the bus. X-ray ms stopped him immediately, use metal detectors to check. All of a sudden, sun jing in the old man's waist touch a hard thing, trying to lift his coat check, which know tight according to their clothes is not to see the old man, attitude. Police de-fu wang walked over and took the old man to the security check disposal units, lift clothes, the old man found hanging in his left back waist belt a holster, containing a homemade gun and a stun guns, the muzzle is stuffed with toilet paper. The old man kept explained: 'this is a personal defense items. 'De-fu wang quickly control the old man, and brought him back to the police station. After check, the old man surnamed wang, lianyungang, long-term fortune for a living, people often because he does not speak well. To self-defense, his first in changzhou traders in the purchase of a similar flashlight stun guns, but also feel shock machine power is not big. One day, wang mou back to see a movie, see in the appearance of the cannon, film 'sino-japanese on impulse, a whim, want to make a steel ball can launch a pistol. He to the hammer, iron pipe, gunpowder, steel ball and fuse, hammering out thinking, finally discovering how a pistol. Power to detect a pistol, wang mou, specially in the barrel to the three or four metres of wood, can put the plank dents, you can wear a metre away three-ply board. Not only such, playing out the steel ball can also hurt. Wang mou is satisfied with the power of the gun, and homemade holster pistols and stun guns, wrapped in together, hanging on the belt, go to which, as a self-defense weapons. Through the identification, wang mou's homemade pistol powered by gunpowder, metal projectile launch, lethal. In order to completely find out the source of the wang mou to carry guns, and whether there are other hide his situation, nanjing railway public security office police detachment, in conjunction with the nanjing south railway station the policemen conduct tracking, to wang mou in changzhou and hire a thorough search, the results in his room and found a similar principle of gunpowder pistols and a detonating device. Further dig at the end of October, as the case, wang mou confessed himself still lived in a period of time, lianyungang electric batons, police immediately drove to, and search out homemade gun 12, initiating device 14.
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