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Black leader for the younger brother ones: by police seized equipment, such as electric stick a machete handcuffs to capture the scene as large - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
“ The boss & throughout; Do a housewarming party, hundred Yu Xiaodi present in the celebration, scene quite some of gang port. However, just as they did so, over canapes changzhou jintan police more than 120 police suddenly appeared, electric batons monopoly network, the police, the evil gang eldest brother to younger brother, by the police to a & other; Throughout ones &; 。 The reporter learns from jintan police, the police, the evil of affrays, illegal detention, creating disturbances, the eldest is & other; Throughout the east elder brother &; 。 August 6, the police implemented unified arrest of the gang, seized on the bar, electric batons, machetes, handcuffs and other equipment more than 10 pieces, capture and review those involved more than 110, to capture the scene as blockbusters. According to introducing, on July 9 in the evening, jintan dongcheng police received a report to the police, said tan district court in a nearby alley, a group of people beating a man, man is unconscious. After the police arrived on the scene, electric batons, immediately send a seriously injured man to hospital. In the beginning, everybody thought it was a fight, fight together but with the deepening of investigation, the police realized that this was a gang-related cases: black-and-blue man said, your collateral to borrow money to help friends, the friend is not money, is' the east elder brother 'pursue, oneself also threatened, wrote the ious, 30000 yuan. Thus, by & other; Throughout the east elder brother &; Gang members beat, nearly lost his life. Police have further investigation found that the east elder brother, heilongjiang province, because being arrogant, do things means fierce in jintan small local celebrity, brought together under a help the younger brother, affrays, illegal detention and troublemakers. The gang in recent months, 1 has several of crime in jintan region, extremely adverse social impact. The severity of the case, than the general public security cases, nature is very bad, jintan dongcheng public security bureau police station immediately set up units of JingZu project team, to solve the case, at this time, and by other sources, they learned a more shocking news: the northeast eldest brother may have guns. After the investigation, police in jintan soon mastered the criminal facts of criminal gangs, decided to the film. The police got the news, & other; Throughout the east elder brother &; Will be in August 6, held in a hotel, jintan a housewarming, all those involved. Jintan police prepare on this day to a & other; Make dumplings & throughout; The & other; Throughout the east elder brother &; Gangs ones. From turning to initiate an investigation, and then to complete the capture and the dongcheng district police station spent in less than a month of time will be thoroughly the police catch the evil gangs, by jintan local people applaud, maintains a safe, effective set up the police's kindness and prestige in people's hearts, and the efficiency of the ascension, and the dongcheng district police station 'integration' exploration pattern of police, are closely related. It is reported that over the past year, dongcheng police station is on the basis of capture of the kind of the criminal suspect 150 people against property destroyed gangs 15, 227 against property crimes solved. Capture all kinds of illegal crime suspect 129 people, have criminal, case of public security 88, which is in the past we haven to achievements, police efficiency to achieve multiplication. Through careful meticulous prophase investigation, jintan public security bureau decided to set up four JingZu dongcheng police station as the main body, joint branch of Interpol brigade, public security brigade, a total of 120 police officers patrol special police brigade arrest them at the same time, in a short period of time to attend the reception table for each of those involved in the stability control. 40 points, on August 6, 6 PM to attend the wedding banquet & other; The younger brother & throughout; After arrival in jintan district public security bureau under the uniform deployment of the commander, 120 police officers in batches, in team sports model assault into the hotel, just gave shocked everyone. At this point, a name to beg for debt, by more than a dozen of northeast, YanChengJi gang-related, involved the evil gang, jintan police catch, at present, one of the ten core members have been jintan police criminal detention.
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