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Blast furnace gas stove explosion proof ultraviolet flame detector specific requirements

by:Tianwang     2020-06-26
Specific requirements for blast furnace gas stove explosion proof ultraviolet flame detector parameters, main technical parameters of the serial number parameter type specification 1 name of flame detector explosion-proof ultraviolet flame detector 2 models XLFZJ - flame detector 1023 use stove flame test 4 burning blast furnace gas of medium 5 installation location burner temperature - 6 26. 9 ℃~35. 5 ℃ and relative humidity of 39% maximum 8 flame detector work style 9 uv detection principle of 10 separate power hz11 50/60 ~ 240 v, 200 v AC power consumption < 3 w12 detection spectrum nm13 detection distance 2 m - 185 ~ 280 4 m14 detection response time < 0. 2 s15 passive output signal of a set of normally open normally closed contact of 16 detection cable length 5 m17 junction box explosive-proof grade ExdII BT618 junction box protection class IP 6519 junction box aluminum material size 3-20 junction box interface G 1/2 level female 21 uv detector material 304 stainless steel 22 23 uv uv G1 external thread connection size of probe probe reserved explosion-proof flexible hose interface G1 fell outside thread 24 uv detector using temperature is 80 ℃ 100 ℃ or less for a long time or less instantaneous 25 highest uv sensor fittings G1 ball valve 304 stainless steel material and uv sensor with duct 27 uv detector with material 304 stainless steel duct length 150 mm28uv probe with duct cooling air interface size G quarter of male 29 uv detector with G1 male 30 cooling air duct installation interface size medium air/nitrogen cooling air air volume 31, combined the burner design to ensure use temperature probe
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