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Both men and women in hebei WeChat agreed to engage in prostitution, men refuse to pay piao electric batons threat was found guilty of rape - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Recently, the economic development zone, zhangjiakou, hebei province ( Hereinafter referred to as the open area) Procuratorate prosecuted, zhangjiakou kang of the district court to rape sentenced the defendant prison for three years. On May 13, 2016, by the open zhangjiakou district procuratorate receives a public security organ for approval of arrest, more than 20 years old woman left one on May 2, the evening to the police, said a WeChat named 'corner to meet you' after add her as a friend to chat, and agreed to meet. At two o 'clock in the afternoon, the male net friend in the left one, a lonely little tunnel, the drive to the suburbs in the car and left a sex. Left one does not agree, and male net friend out electric batons, threat 'will kill you' shouted again. Left a see his strong, and no one around, then give up resistance. Later, she told the police. According to the left a description of the line, the police, quashing intersection surveillance video to determine the vehicles driving a criminal suspect, and the next day will the criminal suspect kang was arrested. Kang to after, to rape denied. The police extracted from kang phone their WeChat chat logs, found kang and left one on WeChat prostitution with 800 yuan price agreement, rape is what? When the left one saw WeChat chat logs, she admitted and kang through WeChat agreed to engage in prostitution, but because of kang didn't pay for, so she refused to have sex with kang eventually violence raped her. How should this behavior qualitative? Existing evidence, have kang DNA can be found at the scene of the crime, also confiscated from his house where he was to use electric batons. However, in the face of evidence, kang still denied visiting the scene, more not admit raped the left one. To undertake attorney after carefully reviewing the books that the case has a lot of suspects. First of all, the two sides sex? Left after report way, forensic in her body no kang to extract DNA. To this, the left one said kang without ejaculation inside body, but with the erase. Secondly, the two sides have sex whether, in defiance of the will of the left one, the lack of evidence. WeChat chat records show that on the left a suspect's car is for prostitution, so the credibility of the complaint is not high. Third, for kang whether or not to use violence or threat by force, the lack of evidence. Although searched from kang home electric batons, and the left one recognize, but kang denied the car electric batons, denied electricity stick threats and struck the left one. Comprehensive analysis, to undertake the prosecutors believe that only by the available evidence, the case no rape. Case, after prosecutors will report the case to the college, the leadership thought of the catch, can be the first to know more detailed situation found free. To undertake attorney in one know when the case to the left, the left one says to a detail of the attention of the prosecutor, 'the man out of the car hand clasp locker frighten me out a electric batons, electric batons hurt my arm while struggling'. Prosecutors think of injuries, left a photo shows, electric batons monopoly network, her skin was electric batons wounded two little red dot, the ruler beside the distance of 13 mm. So prosecutors and police immediately communicate, let them as soon as possible to provide electricity stick the distance between the two shock points. Soon, the data is passed back, it is 13 mm. Point of view, the left one is telling the truth, kang is likely to use electricity the rod about her. To undertake the prosecutor asked police to complement as soon as possible the following evidence: on the one hand is a material in electric batons, electric batons, especially over the heads of the electric shock do DNA test specimens, look to whether have left some of the DNA. The second is to monitor further evidence near the scene. 3 it is to the left of a mobile phone to do technical recovery ( Left a worry to the prostitution, has WeChat program delete) 。 On the other hand, they decided to shock scars left a body as the breakthrough point, arraignment kang. Facing the prosecutor interrogation, kang still refuses to admit to the scene, not admit have physical contact with the victim. But prosecutors confirm the license plate number for ji G * * * * gray cars has been his after open, then throw monitor video record information ( From 15 PM on the day of the crime, the car has to the entry-exit 16 42 points back) , he explained that he 'and the girl chat later'. When asked if he would have been to little tunnel, he still denied, to have his DNA can be extracted with little tunnel in toilet paper, he said 'I think' again. Prosecutor didn't consider time left him, 'you electrical wand hurt left one? According to the scar comparing and scientific appraisal, left a scar on his arm with you own electric batons. 'Silent for ten minutes, kang finally spoke:' I have been to the little tunnel, and the woman had sex, is voluntary, I didn't force her. 'He admitted two people talking in the car when he took the electric batons, may be torn between the two sides met each other in the process. At the same time, he also admitted that he didn't left a predetermined cost. On May 20, 2016, the development zone's procuratorate on suspicion of rape approved arrested suspects kang. On August 24, after the court thinks, although two of them agreed to pay the money before the two sides have sex, but kang hasn't pay the money, in the scene is relatively remote, the victim left one is not, dare not rebel against the situation, kang take means of violence, intimidation and left a forced sex, its behavior constituted a rape and sentenced him to prison for three years.   ( The original title is: 'slight scar after rape')
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